Deadly Train Derailment in Moscow Traps Passengers

At least 22 dead and 160 injured when a commuter train skipped the track and derailed.
1:26 | 07/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly Train Derailment in Moscow Traps Passengers
You can see behind me the deadly train disaster as thousands were headed to work, subway cars jumping the tracks, chaos in the tunnel, twisted steel and look at this, victims pulled from the wreckage, so many with bandages wrapped around their heads. ABC's kirit radio on the seen all day as they've been pulling passengers out. Reporter: The morning commute turned into chaos. Passengers trapped in the mangled wreckage. There was an abrupt stop and the lights went off. Then fire and smoke. We were blocked in. In all, at least 22 dead, over 160 injured. This is the station near where the accident happened. They've been bringing victims out throughout the day and now these emergency workers are going back in with heavy equipment to try to get to some of the victims and the bodies that have been trapped for hours. It all took place 275 feet below ground, the train speeding at 45 miles per hour when it skipped the track and jack-knifed. Authorities ruled out terrorism but the cause is a mystery. Today's crash is a wakeup call not just in Russia but the U.S. Where federal straighters have warned that the country's largest transit system are billions behind on repairs. Tonight investigators say they still don't know whether the cause was a faulty line for a defective rail area. With millions traveling this subway system every day the race is on to found out. Meantime to the fast-moving developments tonight in the middle east.

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{"id":24575532,"title":"Deadly Train Derailment in Moscow Traps Passengers","duration":"1:26","description":"At least 22 dead and 160 injured when a commuter train skipped the track and derailed.","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-train-derailment-moscow-traps-passengers-24575532","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}