Death toll continues to rise as more neighborhoods flood

Officials say Tropical Storm Harvey has surpassed all records with several reservoirs breached, homes filled with water to the roofline and thousands more people displaced.
4:05 | 08/30/17

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Transcript for Death toll continues to rise as more neighborhoods flood
And good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Tuesday. I'm Tom llamas in for David, and tonight, Houston is staggering under the destruction and human need. The rain from tropical storm Harvey now surpassing all records. Several reservoirs now breached. Homes flooded. A coast guard helicopter crew rescuing this woman from several feet of water. More than 9,000 people at the city's downtown shelter. Nearly double capacity. Churches and mosques now stepping in to help, and the president and first lady, visiting Texas. Pledging a recovery effort that is better than ever before. Tonight, as the death toll is rising, the center of the storm is now back over the gulf, preparing for another strike. Reporter: Tonight, with Harvey on the move, rescuers aren't slowing down. Parts of the storm zone near a breaking point. Don't give up on us. Seek higher ground. We will get to you. Reporter: More than 1,000 in Houston waiting for help. It's all the way up to the roofs guys, up to the eves. I hate to think there are people in these houses. There they are. We're coming to get you. I'm going to put this, and give you this microphone. We'll watch it as it happens. Oh, my goodness. Let it play out, Jeff, as it always does. There goes the video. There it is. All of the reporters, they have been actively engaged and just trying to be involved in the story. She is hugging Jeff. I know. My goodness. Reporter: Coast guard baskets hoisting so many of those trapped to safety. Helmet cameras showing the white knuckle ride to their choppers above. We saw up close how the death toll could rise in the coming days. Behind me in the parking lot of this restaurant, there's a body. With the water receding in Houston, it's revealing the true horror of the storm. At least eight confirmed deaths, including Houston police sergeant, Steve Perez, who drowned in flood waters just two days shy of his 61st birthday. We couldn't find him, and once our dive team got there, it was too tresh rous to go under and look for him, so we made a decision to leave officers there waiting until the morning because as much as we wanted to recover him last night, we could not put more officers at risk for we knew in our hearts it was going to be a recovery mission. Reporter: Many more missing. Including these family members. Four children, the youngest just 6 years old, and their great grandparents. They were trapped in their van and swept away by flood waters. This is the only survivor. How is your brother doing? He is blaming himself, of course. He keeps blaming himself. Every time we go to hang up, he says, I'm so sorry. It's not your fault. You didn't know. Reporter: There are parts of chaos in some Houston areas. This supermarket, people scavenging in the water, and some coming out with their arms full. For some seeking shelter, a traumatic episode. Almost all of them have lost everything. This is the convention floor where so many of those people are sleeping. They had originally planned for 5,000. That's how many cots they have. But now they have more than 9,000 at this point in the morning. So you can see people are spread out sleeping wherever they can. Some people have air mattresses, but a lot of people are sleeping on this cold, tile floor right now. We found 18-year-old Talia Castro outside the convention hall. She told us her baby and three nephews were rescued by held com copter. It's too cold, so they moved to a carpeted area. It's really packed out there. Reporter: The red cross telling me they won't turn anyone away who needs help. We're going to put a roof over people's head and get them

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Officials say Tropical Storm Harvey has surpassed all records with several reservoirs breached, homes filled with water to the roofline and thousands more people displaced.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"49502420","title":"Death toll continues to rise as more neighborhoods flood","url":"/WNT/video/death-toll-continues-rise-neighborhoods-flood-49502420"}