Deep Freeze Grips Millions

Dangerous wind-chill warnings are in place as Midwest gets hit with frigid blast.
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Transcript for Deep Freeze Grips Millions
For nearly 200 million Americans today, the temperature never got above freezing. And take a look at this. A massive and deadly pileup in Indiana. Trucks and cars tangled on the road. Traffic backed up for miles. And the problem is, it's so cold, all of the snow and ice isn't going anywhere for days. From the midwest to the gulf, this arctic blast is far-reaching. And 35,000 flight cancellations this month alone. Twice as many as Normal and counting. ABC's gio Benitez, on the frozen nation, tonight. Reporter: From the arctic midwest to the frozen northeast, people are battling the ice and sometimes the ice wins. In west haven, Connecticut, a dramatic ice rescue. A 70-yar-old man falling through while checking if the ice was safe to skate on. And near Boston, ice overcoming fire hydrants right in the middle of a blaze. And right now here in west Bridgewater, Massachusetts, crews are demolishing this house. The cold weather really preventing firefighters from putting out this fire before it was too late. So, you're firefighters got to one. That one was frozen. The second one was frozen. The third one was frozen. It wasn't until the fourth one -- Fourth one, that they finally got water. Reporter: 3,000 feet away? The 1 we finally used, was 3,000 feet away. Reporter: Further north in Quebec, another fire at a nursing home. Emergency workers hampered by the cold. At least three dead and dozens missing. Back here in the U.S., the national climateic data center says, records broken this month. 19 below in Fargo, North Dakota. In neighboring Minnesota, the extreme freeze is closing schools. With windchills dipping 35 to 45 below. And that big crash in Indiana, leaving at least one dead. Cars backed up for miles. Even trains fall victim to the cold. Hundreds of passengers on this commuter train from Manhattan to Connecticut were stuck for two hours without heat or lights. The extreme cold also showing nature's true beauty. These mesmerizing ice circles are on a river in woodstock, New York. And it's not over yet. Parts of the northeast will see actual air temperatures as low as 30 below zero tonight. David? Gio, thank you. Reporting in from Boston tonight. I want to bring in ABC meteorologist ginger zee who is with us. You were telling us, you can't escape this no matter how far south you go. No. This goes in shots through next week. Let's go to tonight again, David. I want to show you this map. We have freeze watches and windchill advisories along the gulf coast. Tomorrow morning temperatures, in Birmingham, Alabama, 13. That's more than 20 degrees below average. Corpus Christi, 38. So, the freeze is on the east side. But you add precipitation and you have issues. Already snowing in parts of Louisiana and Texas. Houston, under a winter storm warning. They haven't seen one of those in almost three years. And here it is, what to expect in the morning. Some freezing rain, ice accumulating up to a quarter-inch in that pink. What a winter it's been. Not even over. Ginger, thank you.

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{"id":21645531,"title":"Deep Freeze Grips Millions","duration":"3:00","description":"Dangerous wind-chill warnings are in place as Midwest gets hit with frigid blast.","url":"/WNT/video/deep-freeze-grips-millions-21645531","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}