New details emerge on the Ethiopian Airlines crash

Ethiopia's transportation minister said the crash shows "a clear similarity" with the Lion Air crash in Indonesia.
3:13 | 03/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New details emerge on the Ethiopian Airlines crash
We begin tonight with startling new developments in the doomed Ethiopian airlines flight that killed when 157 people. And let the grounding of Boeing 737 Max planes all around the world. French authorities recovering voice and data recordings to see them there before returning the black boxes to Ethiopian officials. The country's Transportation Minister telling reporters preliminary data shows a quote clear similarity to the lion air Max a crash off Indonesia in October. The new development coming S funeral services were held for some of those victims. The findings raising new questions tonight for Boeing and could complicate attempts to get that fleet back in the sky here's ABC's Julie look fought with the details. Tonight a startling announcement about the 737 Max ads is also Ethiopia's Transportation Minister declaring the crush Shays quote. A clay is similarity. With the line a crushing in Venezia in oak tell you about this after reviewing preliminary data from the black boxes. If Ethiopians know that their parallels between these two crashes speed is of the essence there's no sense in waiting a month. It only endangers the flying public. ABC news has been told the initial day to has not been verified. But they took from both incidents right off to take off said the planes at jolting up and down a rustic tree shortly enough to take off their feet Ethiopia and lineup flights experienced drops in similar intervals before crashing just off the takeoff. It was this day so that triggered the FAA to join the rest of the wild in grounding the 737 Max fleet. It matched too closely to the lion air trajectory to figure that they weren't. That someone. The captain of the doomed EPA Pia flight struggled immediately off to takeoffs. The meal times reporting that within minutes he called the tower in panicky voice. Break break a request back to home the jetliner crashed three minutes lay as a. The Max is a new airplane. There may have been some design flaw in the Macs that led to in conjunction with pilot air one of these mishaps. If that's true it'll be a real black eye for Boeing. Since the obtained a lion a crush betting has been designing a software update to strengthen the safety seats. In a new statement the company says it's finalizing that updates with all 370. Of the 737 Max just not tended pots. The fate of the world's most popular plane hangs in the balance that by doing tonight in Ethiopia a heart wrenching reminder of the few minutes hold. Families of the 157. People who lost their lives so being entity empty coffins of their deep perished in this latest crock. Sat chilly MacFarlane joins us live now Julia those families we saw them there are worried travelers are worried all looking for answers. And there's late word tonight from the NTS beyond what's happening with the critical data from those black boxes. That's right Tom amazing development tonight just menacing gave the NTSB telling us that whacking. In full Caleb racing that the EPA begins to transcribe and analyze the information from there is like. Folks is this is gonna go a long way in strengthening the credibility of this investigation. Now that Ethiopians are staring. With outside his home. Truly McFarland with that new information that just came in Julia thank you.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Ethiopia's transportation minister said the crash shows \"a clear similarity\" with the Lion Air crash in Indonesia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"61748833","title":"New details emerge on the Ethiopian Airlines crash ","url":"/WNT/video/details-emerge-ethiopian-airlines-crash-61748833"}