New Details in Sherri Papini's Alleged Kidnapping

Papini's husband reveals chilling new details of her captivity and the moment of her release.
2:12 | 11/30/16

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Transcript for New Details in Sherri Papini's Alleged Kidnapping
Brennan also warning trump to be wary of Russia's promises. Next tonight, an exclusive interview on ABC with the husband of that California woman, a mother that vanished while jogging, find by the side of the road weeks later. ABC's Matt Gutman tonight with the husband, now describing what happened to his wife. Reporter: Tonight, Sherri papini's husband Keith is speaking out, sitting down for an exclusive interswview with "20/20." In chifling detail, describing aspects of his wife's captivity. She was bound. She had a chain around her waist waste. She had a bag over her head. That is correct. Her left hand was in the vehicle, chained to something. Reporter: To make sure she didn't jump out of the car? She was chained any time she was in a vehicle. They opened the door, she doesn't know, because she had a bag over her head. They cut something to free her restraint that was holding her into the vehicle, and then kind of pushed her out of the vehicle. Reporter: Until now, police only giving this description of her abductors, two hispanic women, armed with a gun, driving a dark SUV. But today, after another round of interviews with Sherri papini, the sheriff revealing new details about those suspects. Suspect number one was the younger of the two suspects. She had long, curly hair. She had a thick accent. She had pierced ears. Suspect number two. She had straight black hair with some graying color. She had thick eyebrows. Reporter: Police artists now working on a composite sketch. She was held against her will and was isolated. And at times, Sherri's head was covered. Reporter: David, in the four hours I spent with Keith papini, he revealed details about Sherri's abduction, but also, about the harrowing moments just after her release. But he expressed most emotion about seeing her for the first time after 22 days. David? Matt Gutman, our thanks to you tonight. And much more of Matt's exclusive interview with Keith papini on a special edition of ABC's news "20/20," that's this Friday night, 10:00 P.M. Eastern. Matt will take us step by step through this ordeal.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"Papini's husband reveals chilling new details of her captivity and the moment of her release.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"43886483","title":"New Details in Sherri Papini's Alleged Kidnapping","url":"/WNT/video/details-sherri-papinis-alleged-kidnapping-43886483"}