Diane Sawyer Takes Us Inside America's Struggling Middle Class

Meet working families across the country talking about their challenges and their hopes for the future.
3:04 | 01/14/17

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Transcript for Diane Sawyer Takes Us Inside America's Struggling Middle Class
A new president will be inaugurated one week from tonight in so many Americans who voted said their paychecks drove their decision at their families are barely getting by in this country. For more than a year Diane Sawyer has been traveling the country meeting so many people the mother who explains to were children how quickly to paycheck disappears. Families who are just one sickness one auto repair away from being wiped out the firefighters. Who worked three jobs. We had to Maryland to meet an incredibly spunky woman named Tracey Coleman she shaving big bars of cells to make her own laundry detergent because it saves or ten dollars a month. Her curious son Colton just seven years old he already read to the six grade level. In his best friend Caleb asked about the budget. I mean he won't when on the brink and is going to be 470. Dollars and are. But listen to then yes. Our house cost 800 dollars a month so I work two weeks at least doesn't pay off the mortgage it's actually I did son 200 dollars a month. Jack another half a week. Actually for our part it's 200 dollars to now. Happen I figured. I have to bite closed it we have close Walt would have me get my soup champ bill. It's too in case they were left waiting 850 dollars extract what got flat liquid money they're McDonald's wants this. Your bothers. Me that's like zero dollars and 88. Aaron they sustained. Behind me how do. And as we talked to low wage workers across America there's a changing face 60%. Of those who make less than ten dollars an hour. Are now women. And because so wouldn't these women have families of their own to support we found a new growth industry in America. Overnight didn't care. We have light after it featured a third term and I must step out there is working at Lockhart. They work it pet foods they marked the warehouses. They weren't hospital. And they also heard. Three India that it shouldn't. And Diane is right here with us tonight always love when your back that over ninety care this was something. A lot of folks don't realize it's a real struggle and there is demand there is a waiting list the waiting list you spent. More than a year following his family's one gentleman who drives for hours each way to work he bikes. He takes the train he buses for hours to work for hours back to keep the job against the Spanish out of the American dream and we have great news for news tonight I'm him. All of these families deserve this voice in your promising now to stick with them for another year that's right we're going to be here we have a new president as we know who has promised that he will bring them new jobs. And that reaches. Diane Sawyer where this here tonight Diane thanks it is a powerful look at what American families are facing every single day. Giants 20/20 special my reality hidden America tonight right here ten east.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Meet working families across the country talking about their challenges and their hopes for the future.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"44771135","title":"Diane Sawyer Takes Us Inside America's Struggling Middle Class","url":"/WNT/video/diane-sawyer-takes-us-inside-americas-struggling-middle-44771135"}