Disastrous bridge collapse in Florida

Reports surface showing engineers met with school officials two hours before the structure collapsed to discuss whether cracks found in the bridge posed a "safety risk."
2:12 | 03/18/18

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Transcript for Disastrous bridge collapse in Florida
Now to that disastrous bridge collapse in Florida. Reports that two hours before the structure in Florida came down, engineers were meeting with school officials whether the cracks posed a safety risks. Here's ABC's Victor Oquendo. Reporter: Tonight, the painstaking process. Crews sawing through twisted metal, using heavy machinery, pulling out cars flattened, smushed under 950 tons of that collapsed bridge that killed six in Miami. The wait for answers excruciating for families of the victims. Jorge Fraga, desperate for word on his uncle Rolando, not knowing if he was killed, and still stuck under the rubble. What has this been like for you and your family not knowing? Terrible, terrible. Because we don't know anything and I called -- every now and then I call the center and they just told me they are waiting and we don't know anything. Reporter: Later, learning his uncle's body was inside this jeep cherokee. This, as Florida international university now reveals that about two hours before the bridge crash Thursday, their design team was meeting with the Florida department of transportation and the contractors about reported cracks on the north end of the bridge, concluding there were no safety concerns and the cracks did not compromise the structural integrity of the bridge. That meeting happening two days after this. Calling to share with you some information about the fiu pedestrian bridge. Reporter: That's a lead engineer from one of the companies responsible for the pedestrian bridge, speaking about those cracks and the safety risks. We're not concerned about it from that perspective although those cracks aren't good. Reporter: NTSB investigators say crews were tightening cables on the north side of the bridge when it collapsed. Several angles still being investigated at this time. Victor joins us now. You're learning how difficult it will be for authorities to identify some of those other victims? Reporter: Tom, from here, they're taken to the medical examiner's office and that's where they begin the process of identifying the body. That will not be easy. In some cases, they may have to use fingerprints or DNA. Victor, thank you. Turning now to the new round of rough weather sweeping across

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"Reports surface showing engineers met with school officials two hours before the structure collapsed to discuss whether cracks found in the bridge posed a \"safety risk.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"53825823","title":"Disastrous bridge collapse in Florida","url":"/WNT/video/disastrous-bridge-collapse-florida-53825823"}