Donald Trump Criticizes Military Leadership in National Security Forum

The Republican nominee says they are "embarrassing for our country" and that "they'd probably be different generals" if he were elected.
3:47 | 09/08/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Criticizes Military Leadership in National Security Forum
We begin tonight with the growing firestorm over the forum the commander in chief test. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton bowl under fire trumps words about American generals. Clinton's promise no ground troops ever again in Iraq. Tonight here straight to the new polls take a look at the key battleground states Clinton would a very slight lead in Pennsylvania. Trumped up by one in Ohio. And in Florida tonight they are both tied all the polls within the margin of error. This race is suddenly a dead heat and both candidates facing heat. We begin with what Donald Trump said about the generals and ABC's Jonathan Karl. Campaigning in Ohio today Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton's performance in that national security form she got to get her act to Kent. Trump is now facing low back over his statements including his attack on America senior military leadership and the generals have been reduced to rubble. They have been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing for our country. He even suggested he fired the top brass wouldn't probably be different generals to be honest with you but there are only so many generals they come up through the ranks serving presidents of both parties but then there's what he said about his first classified national security briefing now and I was very very surprised in almost every instance and I could tell I am pretty good with the body language I could tell. They were not happy. Our leaders did not follow what they were recommending. Candidates are expected to say nothing about what is by definition. A confidential briefing I think what he said was totally inappropriate. And and discipline. Trump also doubled down all need to bumped claimed that he opposed the Iraq War and I happen to hear Hillary Clinton say that I was not against the war in Iraq I was totally against the war in Iraq from where you can look at Esquire Magazine from. 04 you can look at before that but 2004 was a year after the war started tonight the Clinton Campaign fired off this email. Donald Trump kicked off his evening by lying about his position on the Iraq War. And no one stopped to call Lana there's only one known definitive statement from trump before the war and it it he says he's in favor. You've learned in Iraq. Yeah I guess so. You know I wish I resent I wish the first that was correctly. At the form trump was also pressed about his plan for defeating prices for more than a year he has said he has worn. There's a method of defeating them quickly and effectively. And having total victory I don't want the enemy to know what I'm gonna do all I can tell you is that. It is say it's foolproof way of winning. But recently he said he asked his generals to come up with a plan. Is the plan you've been hiding this whole time asking someone else for their plan. No but when I do come up with a plan that I like and that perhaps agrees what might or maybe doesn't. I may love what the generals come back with our Wilkins you have your own plan I have a plan. If I win. I don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what Michael Landon and finally trump raised eyebrows by again praising Russian leader Vladimir Putin's if he shows great things about me I'm that was a great things about him he's been a leader far more than our president has been Alito. And Jonathan Karl what do slide tonight John trump not only standing by his praise of food and but citing Putin's poll numbers in Russia. Well you know that Donald Trump lofts to talk about polls and he said that Putin has an 82% approval rating in Russia. What he didn't mention. Is that food is essentially a dictator. Who made caves near total control over Russian mass media and is known to crack down on Russians who dare to challenge him in a.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"The Republican nominee says they are \"embarrassing for our country\" and that \"they'd probably be different generals\" if he were elected.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"41960293","title":"Donald Trump Criticizes Military Leadership in National Security Forum","url":"/WNT/video/donald-trump-criticizes-military-leadership-national-security-forum-41960293"}