Donald Trump Defends Putin Praise: 'If He Says Great Things About Me'

The Republican presidential nominee defends Russia's alleged involvement in the DNC hack.
3:32 | 09/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Trump Defends Putin Praise: 'If He Says Great Things About Me'
Now to the race for president tonight 59 days until Election Day now and there are new pictures surfacing this evening of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton together. But it's not that friendship that has people talking tonight it's trumps praise for Vladimir Putin and to trump interview that aired on Russian television. There was also a moment today when a reporter shouted a question of Hillary Clinton she stopped in her tracks. And then returned to the microphone. ABC's Jonathan Karl on the campaign trail tonight. Donald Trump has a simple explanation for why he keeps. Raising Vladimir Putin if he shows great things about me I'm it was a great things about him but now trump is defending Russia against the explosive allegations. It is behind the computer hacking of the Democratic National Committee saying in an interview that aired among other places on a television network owned by the Russian government. Did he doubts Russia did it. I think it's probably unlikely I think may be. It may be other Democrats supporting data out who knows but I think that two it's it's pretty unlikely. That directly contradicts what US intelligence sources have said for weeks. Trump campaign insists trump didn't. No the interview was erring on the Russian owned network confident now trump is facing new scrutiny for his open. Admiration of Putin. He is really very much of a leader far more than our president has been a leader huge departure from the longtime Republican hard line on Moscow. Which Reagan branded as evil empire. Mr. Gorbachev. Chaired down this war. Trump promises a new relationship with Russia he's also trying to mend fences with African American voters here at home. Angry over Trump's birther crusade. Against President Obama. He wasn't born in this country which is a real possibility then he has pulled one of the great comes in the history of politics so now 59 days to the election. Trump's campaign says he's no longer re birth her. He believes President Obama was born here you might confirm that Donald Trump now now confirms that you know Hillary Clinton he did I hate when yeah. He did that at when did I go two years ago. Three years ago. But trump himself was never said that publicly in fact just one year ago he said he was unsure do you accept the pres Obama. Was born in the United States. I really. Now we refuses to discuss the issue at all to get a talk about it anymore and amidst a vitriolic attacks between trumping Clinton. The Clinton library is released new photos from a much chummy your time. Trump howling around with the man he now calls a predator. All right Jon Karl what a slide again tonight in John you'll remember earlier this week a sit down would Donald Trump. We talked about his health and Hillary Clinton's health and we asked him if you'd release more. Here's we said. You're seventy she 68 do you think the American. Are you know more about home about your fingers but I would love to give specifics. As far as I'm concerned and she wants to do it out. So what are the worst I'd like you're there I'd like to thank. All right John of the political teach expected with the trump campaign tonight. We asked directly if they were gonna release or when they were gonna release those full health records no word yet. The trump trump is doing an interview on the doctor Oz helps show and promising to reveal his personal health regiment obviously David not the same thing. All right Jon Carl Willis again tonight John thanks.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"The Republican presidential nominee defends Russia's alleged involvement in the DNC hack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"41988258","title":"Donald Trump Defends Putin Praise: 'If He Says Great Things About Me'","url":"/WNT/video/donald-trump-defends-putin-praise-great-things-41988258"}