Donald Trump's Tirade

Trump calls Ted Cruz a "liar" and a "basket case" and takes aim at the Bush family over 9/11 and Iraq.
3:53 | 02/15/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump's Tirade
Turn out of the race for 2016 and Donald Trump late today unleashing on his opponents on Ted Cruz calling him a liar quote unstable a basket case. Trump continued to take aim at Jeb Bush and now his brother the former president. George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush joining Jeb Bush on the trail just moments ago there tonight would trump is now saying about 9/11 and the former president. And also threatening to run as an independent again ABC's Tom numbness in Charleston tonight. Tonight in South Carolina to speak brother to the rest. Thank you for your hard work for thank you what you're gonna do. Which is to vote form on Saturday. Former president George W. Bush right there posing for pictures. Signing autographs and his wife Laura beside him a judge sticker on his lapel but lying in wait Donald wrong. Those Brothers coming into ten which is approximately. The bridges of why his brother went silent for all these years and don't ask yourself that is trumpet the bush is locked in the southern brawl that's noble of the debate stage. While Donald Trump. Was building a reality TV show. My brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe and I'm proud of what he did. He said the all the Golan. They syndicate the result of the planet in my mind. While ignoring the boos from the crowd going even further they lie okay said that what weapons of mass destruction didn't walk on and they do that we're done. There were no weapons of mass out. Today the billionaire appalled by his attacks on the former president every two years he kept the country safe after net what does that mean after. About doing that I was there I lust a lot of friends that were killed in that building. The worst attack ever in this country. It was during his presidency. Though trump this mark Jeb Bush for bringing his mother to campaign in New Hampshire he's also accused him of running from the bush name. I asked him about that today you attack Jeb Bush for coming out with jet logo. And yet no bush name on the campaign logo and embarrassed yeah I said from the beginning. I set from that he would tell you about jet. I think that the name bush would have been better than an exclamation point he's Jeb Bush. I think you should he used his name I think it shows that he wasn't proud of the family. Bush Jeb Bush not trumps only target today he's viewed with senator Ted Cruz now exploding trump questioning cruises eight. Calling it quote an unstable. You willing to lie about anything and then you hold up about what to know that I've never seen anybody. That allies as much as tankers and he goes around saying he's a Christian is senator Ted Cruz really good thirties politician runs all the dirty she's there because life. Crews today says trump is cracking under pressure. Not a response. Simply to start yelling louder and louder liar liar liar whenever anyone would hate to the candidates. Hours. And we're not grade school you just get this a life. The irony not. And top doubtless put us live from Charleston, South Carolina tonight Tom trump threatening to sue Ted Cruz himself saying. He's hired a lawyer tonight but also taking aim at the RNC. Trump bringing up the notion of running as an independent again. That's right Davis goes back to this weekend when twelve was getting booed at that debate. He claims the RNC stacking the deck against putting people in the audience who were against his campaign. Tonight the RT seen every candidate got an equal number of tickets and were only ten donors in the audience and David just behind me. President George W. Bush making the case for its brother and seven. Speaking jets adult from tonight. David former president there behind you as well Tom thanks so my.

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{"id":36959595,"title":"Donald Trump's Tirade","duration":"3:53","description":"Trump calls Ted Cruz a \"liar\" and a \"basket case\" and takes aim at the Bush family over 9/11 and Iraq.","url":"/WNT/video/donald-trumps-tirade-36959595","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}