Dr. Oz in the Hot Seat on Capitol Hill

Did this trusted medical expert inadvertently endorse diet products?
2:14 | 06/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dr. Oz in the Hot Seat on Capitol Hill
Doctor Ross this evening in the hot seat in Washington. Answering questions before congress and all of the centers on the companies and their so called weight loss remedies many of them claiming they'd been spotlighted on his show. Well tonight doctor -- talking to us about joining the fight and protecting you at home. Here's ABC's David -- now. -- got rationale he's America's TV doctor this miracle pill can -- -- fast Mehmet -- trusted by millions who found himself grilled by senators investigating questionable diet claims led by Chrysler McCaskill Acer. -- would you say that something is a miracle and. I still am comfortable telling folks -- -- by reputable version but I say this all the time. I don't Celek and these are not the long term use taking green -- -- extract doubles. Your weight loss. Just weeks after those positive pronouncements sellers of green copy be next -- started popping up on the Internet. One Florida company imbedded -- draws a show on its website which according to a federal lawsuit includes false advertising and paid testimonials. An attorney for that company says the charges are misleading and baseless. Doctor Ross says he has nothing to do with any of these people -- give them permission to use his name or show and makes no money from their sales. Today's hearing was aimed at the problems in the weight loss business which racks of forty billion dollars a year you sprinkle on. The -- says the weight off that bad percent certain resulted in a lawsuit with charges -- unfounded weight loss claims settled for 26 million dollars and no admission of wrongdoing. After the hearing. Must be frustrating to have somebody use your likeness. Your words. It's extremely frustrated how folks usual words and take advantage of the trust that you -- with. A lot of hard work doctor -- also told me he wants away with a better appreciation of the power of his words I used language that that I hope we engage reviewers and and -- do regret that it -- fleeing the process. Doctor Ross says he's actually -- changed the way he talks about some products he met today with officials from the federal trade commission and in his words he says he's ready to help. Drain the swamp of unscrupulous marketers. Of diet products David like David -- live in Washington David thank you.

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{"id":24184809,"title":"Dr. Oz in the Hot Seat on Capitol Hill","duration":"2:14","description":"Did this trusted medical expert inadvertently endorse diet products?","url":"/WNT/video/dr-oz-hot-seat-capitol-hill-24184809","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}