East Coast Braces for Severe Weather

Heavy rains in the Carolinas have led to flooding as Hurricane Matthew, now in the Caribbean may affect the Atlantic Coast.
2:35 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for East Coast Braces for Severe Weather
Monster hurricane grow into a category four late today winds up to 140 miles an hour and already deadly. Some tracks do have an affecting the US in the days to come ginger would that in a moment. Fierce winds battering Barbados in the other islands of the Caribbean hurricane tracking north and millions along the already saturated East Coast in this country now watching anxiously. AB c.'s G of the need as would the pictures tonight. Tonight hurricane Matthew churning up major ways as meteorologists tracked that major hurricane exploding in less than 24 hours to category four monster storm. Winds up to a 140 miles an hour. Matthew already definitely. Killed sixteen year old boy on the island of saint Vincent. Meanwhile in the US millions along the East Coast are hoping Matthew stays offshore because there already dealing with a massive storm system. In Virginia of rain turning deadly. A tree falling on a man helping the driver of this truck near Fayetteville, North Carolina. Neighborhoods underwater. Sheila Williams fears she's lost everything in her now flooded home. Including the photos of her mother who recently passed away. All not kitchen I had accredited hence I'm thinking it. Will never good to see you. And a raging creek for this road apart as a driver crossed a boat the sheriff's office tonight says the woman behind the wheel is safe. And David right here in New York we are seeing our second day of storms we're going to be dealing with more wind and rain. Over the week they souvenirs on this part of the story GO thanks so let's directed chief meteorologist ginger Z who's also tracking the hurricane which could bring more rain in the days to come but this is a monster already. All my goodness this monster went cat one cat four and less than 24 hours a rapid intensification is now 75 miles north of that little particle on the you can see sticking up there. A lot of places are on alert including tropical storm warning there in Colombia along that line to Venezuela the hurricane watch in Jamaica the tropical storm watch in Haiti. Here's the current track from the National Hurricane Center. Staying very strong a category four then reducing to three still the impact will be huge for Jamaica. If this track stays true you could see ten to fifteen inches up to 25 inches of rain. As it hits these islands friction will help to tear apart a little bits is very strong as it goes to the Bahamas by Wednesday. And this is where models diverge. Really greatly David some of them keeping it close to the US others using that trough to kick it off east we'll be watching hope for the other models yet you'll keep us posted ginger always great to have you at night.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Heavy rains in the Carolinas have led to flooding as Hurricane Matthew, now in the Caribbean may affect the Atlantic Coast. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42487815","title":"East Coast Braces for Severe Weather","url":"/WNT/video/east-coast-braces-severe-weather-42487815"}