Elvis Impersonator Accused of Sending Ricin-Laced Letter

New details on life of suspect reportedly obsessed with conspiracy theories.
2:00 | 04/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elvis Impersonator Accused of Sending Ricin-Laced Letter
Man accused of sending those letters laced with poison to the president -- -- senator was in court today and tonight. Strange new details emerging he is said to be an Elvis impersonator. A chest with conspiracy theories and with the personal link to one of his target. ABC's Matt -- has the portrait of this man coming into focus tonight. TV home basic is Paul Kevin Curtis the bad -- FBI custody. For allegedly terrorizing the federal government for two -- smoothly. A a flamboyant celebrity impersonator with his own YouTube general it -- unusual hobby. Dispatching blistering letters to the government from that -- Mississippi town. -- according to investigators on April -- three of his letters were laced with a toxic chemical -- There are still missing pieces may be I have your attention now even if that means someone has to -- The form letters were sent to President Obama -- Roger Wicker of Mississippi and Mississippi judge state college who opened her. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Loose in Bonn while prosecutors say the missing pieces in the letters could -- -- Curtis is obsession with the -- black market body parts. He's even written a book and tweeted about it. It is statement to ABC news his brother said we have no reason to believe Kevin would be involved we love him and look forward to getting answers to make sensible -- We met his neighborly she -- today. We think about the fact that he might have been. Cooking up -- -- right next door it's terrifying. It's really scary two daughters. It's now and you know it can be. That close -- my children. Officials are telling us the -- scene they found was not weaponized still Hazmat teams have been parked outside that house. All day they simply don't know what they'll find inside now Curtis says he's innocent even surprised he was arrested.

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{"id":18993475,"title":"Elvis Impersonator Accused of Sending Ricin-Laced Letter","duration":"2:00","description":"New details on life of suspect reportedly obsessed with conspiracy theories.","url":"/WNT/video/elvis-impersonator-accused-sending-ricin-laced-letter-18993475","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}