New Evidence About Flight 17; Bodies of Fallen Passengers Go Home

All over the world, family members console one another, hold vigils and pay their respects to the victims of Flight 17.
3:48 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for New Evidence About Flight 17; Bodies of Fallen Passengers Go Home
And from the Middle East mountains Ukraine and the new evidence about flight seventeen. Those last seconds before the passenger plane was blown out of the sky. Tomorrow the first bodies of victims will arrive in the Netherlands the nation's air and the families observing a day of mourning. Tonight ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran is on the ground. Their journey home is at long last under way. Today the bodies of the passengers of flight seventeen were taken by train from a village near the crash site to the Ukrainian city of car keys. And then by plane they will go to the Netherlands which lost a 193. Its people. I'm very aware of to -- but to my people from my country. We are taking we bring -- -- -- -- spec home. Good grief for this crime Criss crosses the world and the airport outside Amsterdam tears at an impromptu memorial. While people were sharing the open letter by a father who lost his seventeen year old daughter on the flight writing. Thank you very much mr. -- leaders of the separatist of the Ukraine government for murdering my loved and only child. In Australia. Which lost 48 -- a candlelight vigil in Malaysia remembered the -- Really badly and goes on the Evansville Indiana this -- Today in Ukraine -- the US embassy posted a schematic diagram pinpointing exactly where they believe the missile intercepted this plane. Here at the crash site a team of Malaysian and Dutch investigators got unfettered access to examine the wreckage looking for clues. This was the cockpit of the plane and this is the kind of thing that investigators are going to be looking at is this shrapnel damage is -- damage from the breakup of the plane. And has the wreckage been tampered. International monitors told ABC news today that the plane's wreckage has been quote significantly. Altered since the crash. And that they have seen local workers cutting away -- We -- -- workers using. It is -- powered saw to. I get a closer look at the fuselage. We can't draw any conclusions that's not our role but it's an observation that we made tonight the US intelligence community is doubling down on its claim that Russia is ultimately responsible for this attack they're pointing to pictures of the wreckage which they say. Show strong evidence a Russian made missile fired from rebel held territory. Brought down that -- Diane. We thank Terry Moran and I want to bring an ABC aviation consultant Stephen -- -- retired fighter pilot Steve. We know now what it may have been the moments before that missile hit the plank. That's right and the -- eleven system that we see here in the graphic has confirmed today as being responsible bring this airplane down. When the S faces eleven -- shot it goes out any when he gets close to the target it explodes a warhead that sends out a big fan. That goes -- impacts a little pieces of very hot metal. Into the airplane that it's tracking it explodes awaits the plane but it -- a spray of shrapnel -- time. That's right and we've seen some evidence that on the ground today we've seen some pictures that appear to show some of these through of the damage that comes from these hot will. Pieces of metal that will puncture the skin and going to the airplane. Looks very much like shrapnel damage at a quick question about those black boxes that have now been turned over ten be penetrated without anybody knowing. Would you know for sure if they've been tampering with a. They're they're seals on them Diane and so what it did -- trained investigators will look and make sure that those seals are broken. Even if somebody were able to get inside they're not going to be able can change what was recorded on those programs so I think we'll be pretty confident to know whether it's been tampered whether or not -- retired colonel -- again and as always thanks so much.

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{"id":24671712,"title":"New Evidence About Flight 17; Bodies of Fallen Passengers Go Home","duration":"3:48","description":"All over the world, family members console one another, hold vigils and pay their respects to the victims of Flight 17.","url":"/WNT/video/evidence-flight-17-bodies-fallen-passengers-home-24671712","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}