Extreme Cold Takes Its Toll on Freezing Nation

The polar air mass is to blame for multiple deaths in the Midwest.
2:34 | 01/23/13

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Transcript for Extreme Cold Takes Its Toll on Freezing Nation
on that powerful blast of polar air sitting on top of a third of the country, creating an icebox. And here's the map tonight. Bone-chilling weather from the dakotas to maine. And all day, we saw post cards from the frozen continent. A fountain of icicles here in new york. And a fireman's gloves were standing up, they were petrified in the cold. Tonight, abc's gio benitez on the bitter cold. Gio? Reporter: Good evening, diane. Here in fulton, new york, more than three feet of snow fell just within the past 48 hours. But it was not just snow that's the problem. Across this nation, it was no doubt a polar invasion. The polar invasion is making for some amazing pictures and beautiful frozen landscapes. But make no mistake, this In maryland, this cell tower worker found out just how dangerous when, 200 feet up, he became overcome by the fgid 10 degrees and had to be rescued. Across the country, the extreme cold is blamed for at least four deaths. Ed roy will spend moren nine hours outside today, making sure the mail gets through. Hisecret? Layers. How many layers do you have on? On the top, I have one, two, three, four, five and the bottom, I have three. And then I have three on my head. Reporter: Wow. You're well prepared. I'm well prepared. I was a boy scout. People sometimes forget how quickly they can get frostbite. Reporter: Doctors say it can take as little as ten minutes for frostbite to set in. So, wear layers and avoid exposing your skin and limit being outdoors if you can. Misery last night in chicago. Firefighters had to battle more than the flames, when their water lines froze and their gear iced up. The coldest place today? It's about 3 below. Reporter: Crane lake, minnesota, where it is dropping to a chilly minus 37 degrees. But minnesotans, like butch, are as hardy bunch. This is just a norm dal january day in northern minnesota. Reporter: And in duluth, where it was minus 20 degrees, our abc news dull lut affiliate meteorologist froze bubbles in midair and turning a banana into a hammer. And don't expect this to end any time soon. And that's because forecasters believe this will be a freezing weekend. But as you can see, we don't need anymore snow around these parts of central new york. Diane? Okay, gio, thank you. And we want everyone to know, we welcome you to abc news.

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{"id":18297044,"title":"Extreme Cold Takes Its Toll on Freezing Nation","duration":"2:34","description":"The polar air mass is to blame for multiple deaths in the Midwest.","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-cold-takes-toll-freezing-nation-18297044","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}