Face to Face With the Santa Barbara Shooter

Eyewitness describes being face to face with Elliot Rodger who allegedly killed six people before taking his own life.
2:11 | 05/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Face to Face With the Santa Barbara Shooter
A new eyewitness is coming forward about the moments when a gunman opened fire in Santa Barbara. And what does he say he wishes he had done. ABC's scecilia vague back on the story. Reporter: Classes at the university of California Santa Barbara are back in session. A day after thousands turned out for an emotional remembering those six killed and 13 wounded in that deadly rampage here. My name is Richard marten necessary. Reporter: The father of victim Christopher michaels-martinez a future lawyer an only child leading the crowd in resounding chant. Not one more. Not one more. Reporter: In that crowd, freshman Patrick Eggert who came face to face with the killer Elliot Rodger and lived now telling his story for the first time. I didn't hear it coming or anybody say look out or anything. Reporter: Patrick was riding his bike and then out of nowhere a black BMW plowed into him and his friend nick. Reporter: What's the one thing standing out in your mind? That my friend nick is alive. When I was riding out to him. I didn't expect him to be alive. Reporter: Nick pasichuke flew 50 feet in the air he's still in the hospital today with two broken legs. Patrick walked away with just minor injuries. Are you angry? It's hard for me to say that when families are, you know, burying their loved ones right now or taking care of patients with gunshot wounds. Reporter: As for this face still haunting this community, there's one thing Patrick wishes he could have done. I wish I could have talked to him before he did it and maybe say something to make it seem less worth it. Reporter: He just wants to recover and get back to life. You can see on the campus main gate. There's a black banner hanging and university officials tells us there been counselors all week long. Now to news making words from president Obama about America's fight against terror

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{"id":23906019,"title":"Face to Face With the Santa Barbara Shooter","duration":"2:11","description":"Eyewitness describes being face to face with Elliot Rodger who allegedly killed six people before taking his own life.","url":"/WNT/video/face-face-santa-barbara-shooter-23906019","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}