Fallout after more US coronavirus deaths

Hundreds of deaths were added to the U.S. toll as Florida reported nearly 10,000 new cases as all state-run testing sites are temporarily closed due to a tropical storm.
3:21 | 07/30/20

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Transcript for Fallout after more US coronavirus deaths
Of course, it's hard to predict where we'll be with this pandemic once election day arrives, but tonight, what we do know is, the numbers are worsening right now in several states. We also learned a former presidential candidate, Herman Cain, has died from covid. More on that in a moment. Here in the U.S., more than 151,000 lives have now been lost. Florida with 253 more deaths. That's a record high for the third day in a row there. And tonight, to make matters worst, all state-supported testing sites are now closing as a tropical storm approaches. It could become a hurricane, in fact, in the east. And news today of the historic economic fallout. The U.S. Economy contracting at an annual rate of nearly 33% from April to June. That's the worst numbers since records began at the end of World War II. ABC's Victor Oquendo tonight on millions of American families in need. Reporter: With the coronavirus ravaging so many lives, the devastating toll on American livelihoods is growing. In Los Angeles today, long lines for food. It's helped a lot. Reporter: 1.4 million people filing for unemployment last week, just as those emergency $600 benefit checks for 30 million Americans expire. We are approaching our food bank that we go to. Reporter: Those checks and food banks, a lifeline for Scott stegenga's family in New Jersey. He was laid off more than four months ago. We're not beggars. We're not asking for, you know, anything. We want to get out of this. What has me stressed out the most is running out of money. Reporter: For the virus, no end in sight. California, North Carolina, and Florida this week all hitting record daily death tolls. Making matters even worse here in Florida with a tropical storm approaching, statewide, all public testing sites are shutting down today through the weekend. During that same four-day stretch last week, nearly 350,000 people were tested. Covid taking its toll inside Houston's united memorial medical center. If you got a death wish, catch covid. Reporter: The team seeing one of their own nurses sickened, too. The hardest thing to ever hear is that you're positive. Reporter: Dr. Joseph Varon giving her a hug in full protective gear. The doctor feels like he's fighting two wars. A war against covid and a war against stupidity. Reporter: He's frustrated seeing people on the streets not wearing masks or physically distancing. We keep on doing our best to save all these people, and then you get another batch of people that are doing exactly the opposite of what you're telling them not to do. Reporter: An association of medical colleges now warning, "If the nation doesn't change its course and soon, deaths could be well into the multiple hundreds of thousands." But for two covid patients, a second chance. Doctors at northwestern saving them with double lung transplants after the virus destroyed their lungs. Brian Kuhn spent 100 days on life support. The 62-year-old says it's a miracle he's alive. He admits he thought the virus was a hoax. I didn't wear a mask or nothing. This hit me like lead slammer on my head. I was perfectly healthy. This thing took me down hard. Reporter: And some news on the vac seen front tonight. Johnson & Johnson is moving into human trials after releasing some promising data on monkeys showing that its vaccine given in just one shot can protect gensz infection. David? Victor Oquendo in Florida tonight. And Victor, as you reported

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Hundreds of deaths were added to the U.S. toll as Florida reported nearly 10,000 new cases as all state-run testing sites are temporarily closed due to a tropical storm. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"72089446","title":"Fallout after more US coronavirus deaths","url":"/WNT/video/fallout-us-coronavirus-deaths-72089446"}