Search for Clues After State Official Shot on Doorstep

Colorado prison chief killed on eve of new state gun law singing.
1:50 | 03/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Search for Clues After State Official Shot on Doorstep
We begin tonight with a manhunt under way. Hundreds of people searching the streets of colorado. At 8:30 last night, the door bell rang at the home of a state official. He answered and he was shot on his doorstep. Tonight authorities have stepped up security at the governor's mansion and the state capital. Abc's clayton sandell tells us what is known now about the shooter. Reporter: In this quiet rural neighborhood, a killer came calling. Reporter: Tom clements, the director of colorado's prison system, was shot and killed at his home. Somebody rang the door bell. The husband answered and was shot. Reporter:58-year-old clemens was killed with a massive manhunt under way tonight, the only clue a dark car seen in the neighborhood near the time of the shooting, its engine running, but nobody inside. We don't know if 9 shooting was random at this point. We're very early in the investigation. We have no suspect at this point and because we have no suspect we can't identify a motive. Reporter: But invgators want to know if clements was possibly targeted for revenge. A former warden at colorado's federal supermax prison, says it's a career that creates enemies. You have 20,000 individuals. Anyone could have a reason to hurt mr. Clements. He dedicated his life to being a public servant, to making our state better, to making the world a better place. And he is going to be deeply, deeply missed. Reporter: Tonight investigators are here in the clements' neighborhood, trying to find a woman who was speed-walking last night around the time of the crime. She may be the only witness. But with no suspects, police are now beefing up security, both at the state capital and the governor's mansion.

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{"id":18776271,"title":"Search for Clues After State Official Shot on Doorstep","duration":"1:50","description":"Colorado prison chief killed on eve of new state gun law singing.","url":"/WNT/video/fbi-manhunt-state-official-shot-doorstep-18776271","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}