The Fight Against Zika Intensifies

Florida officials are preparing to spray insecticide from the air.
2:44 | 08/03/16

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Transcript for The Fight Against Zika Intensifies
Alarming headline tonight involving the all out air war against cica set to begin just hours from now in Florida. The CDC already warning pregnant women to avoid a certain part of Florida. And now come serious questions over whether the spraying. Will actually work. So far regular spring has not stop the threat from the mosquitoes that carry the virus. Tonight Florida health officials have announced a fifteenth person has contracted Zeke right here in the US. Doctor bes or would the map of the State's racing next after Florida the first ABC's either pilgrim where they're spraying tomorrow morning. Tonight the whole Lotta sold in the film ramping up the battle. Taking it this guy that aerial spraying in Miami beginning as soon as the morning. The county's mayor Carlos Gimenez saying they are up against a tough enemy these mosquitoes are proving to be a little bit difficult to Canada. Mosquitoes have always been. Difficult to get rid of. This is the plot line of Vietnam Miami tripling the number of inspectors on the round but even now people hiring private. Contractors like this one thing kill mosquitoes on the property. Melissa adultery is due to give birth later this month she's taking every precaution wearing long sleeves and pants it's very warm around this time make sure that I'm just like staying protected now that fifteen patients had contracted the virus this clinic is hot out is stepping up who gets tested for -- pass up yesterday. We're testing every pregnant women dot com to my desk data doctors warning those who have contracted the Italian and Wear long sleeves and pants. If they get bitten they could spread the virus. David. In the pilgrim witness again tonight David thank you when you write to doctor Richard -- battle with us from Miami this evening and rich. You were telling us they're all real concerns now over whether this spraying will truly be effective given the type of mosquito were dealing with. That's right what we hear from experts in mosquito control is that aerial spraying works well for high flying mosquitoes. The mosquito that spreads eat goat lives in containers around your home. And aerial spraying isn't gonna had a lot to these are the mosquitoes in the containers around the home as you point out I do want to show everyone at home. That map again and rich you can see there in the red the parts of the country where they are concerned. That we could see these headlines next how quickly is this expected to spread. And if there are questions about whether the spraying will work is this simply about being vigilant with repellent. Well that David it's just a matter of time there's so much travel back and forth between the US and countries where Zeke is spreading wildly. You're with the mosquito in those states we are gonna see more clusters like we're seeing in Miami and it does come down to people using personal protection using that repellent. Doctor vessels and we'll stay on this forest rich think.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Florida officials are preparing to spray insecticide from the air.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"41081653","title":"The Fight Against Zika Intensifies","url":"/WNT/video/fight-zika-intensifies-41081653"}