Did They See Flight 370?

The men who believe the phantom flight soared over their heads.
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Transcript for Did They See Flight 370?
We have a surprising new piece of data in this worldwide detective story. Eyewitnesses coming forward to say they saw the plane, above them, in the air. ABC's bob woodruff went out to find them, on the water today. Reporter: We traveled to the tiny fishing village kota bharu to find witnesses who say they saw the plane. Could these have been the last people to see flight 370? So, you two both witnesses this plane? A group of men aboard this boat on the night the plane vanished, fishing for tuna. They say they were here, ten miles out to sea, when they suddenly a jet barreled by them, flying low, louder and bigger than any plane they had ever seen in the sky. How big did it look to you when it went over the top? He tells us that the body of the plane was not clear, but the lights were very bright. Could it have been the plane? The fishermen say they were here. And this is where we believe the plane flew by after making that infamous turn to the left. Did it dive lower to purposely avoid detection by radar, known as terrain masking? Or might it have been dipped because of a crisis onboard? Back in the fishing village we did learn more about fariq Abdul Hamid, the co-pilot. This is where his grandmother lives, a palatial home for this tiny village. It is where he grew up. We also came across these children with their pictures of the missing plane. Their hopes, their prayers, are that it is found soon. Bob woodruff, ABC news, kota bharu. We bring in Steve ganyard. Can thinking lead to the probability of an accident? And maybe the pilots lost consciousness? I think we're at the point where we're going to have to entertain lots of different theories. If they have any validity and anything that would lead us to that. We can't exclude anything. We're Goetting to the point of the investigation, where there's very little science coming in. There will be forensics on the ground. We're at the point where we can't rule out anything until we get the wreckage. Until we get the black boxes. Everything entertained. And what about this location the Australians have now targeted, in specifics? Where is it? How easy or hard, now, to get there and search? They've pushed the search off to way off the coast of Perth, almost two-thirds on the way to antarctica. You look at the map, those are treacherous, deep seas. Winter is coming. The rescue effort just continues to get difficult by the day. But does it suggest the Australians have something very specific? I believe that the Australians and the united States have come to a common agreement that they think that the most likely, that the science is pointing them to this area, well south of Perth, Australia. It is -- it's not even a needle in a haystack. It's a needle in thousands of fields of haystacks. Very, very difficult. Steve ganyard, thank you so much, for once again bringing your perspective tonight. Thank you.

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{"id":22962618,"title":"Did They See Flight 370?","duration":"3:00","description":"The men who believe the phantom flight soared over their heads.","url":"/WNT/video/flight-370-22962618","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}