Flood Warning State of Emergency

Water levels expected to rise all week in the nation's mid-section putting millions at risk.
1:44 | 06/23/14

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Transcript for Flood Warning State of Emergency
And none of the concern and part of a heartland a state of emergency caused by severe floods with Barbara levels expected to rise all week. Tonight more than thirteen million people watching the water and the sky. ABC's Clayton send -- in the flood zone. Tonight thousands are still without power in Texas Waco was drenched -- four inches of rain in just one hour. Neighborhoods in the town of grand Marie were submerged all that water even knocking this house off its foundation. In the midwest floodwaters are still rising after two weeks of heavy rain. In Minnesota where 35 counties -- in -- state of emergency they saw funnel clouds today. And hillsides are saturated a state trooper's dash camera caught this mud slide that nearly took out -- car. As the waters creep higher. Bridges are being closed before they go underwater. 181000 drivers rely on this bridge every -- to cross the saint Croix river but you can see the water is so high. They've had to shut it down if you -- -- get from here to the state of Wisconsin today. You're gonna need a boat. Soon -- armor doesn't need a boat yet but she's watching the water slowly invaded her home authority coming -- started coming in this morning. Her backyard. Our marina you accept the fact that the river is going to take over from time -- time. -- -- -- -- -- In Charles city Iowa the raging cedar river is making daredevil -- -- happy. But rescue teams nervous person didn't stay with -- right now consists too aggressive. And tonight rivers are cresting in some small towns but here at Saint Paul these waters are expected to rise another three feet by Thursday.

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{"id":24272508,"title":"Flood Warning State of Emergency","duration":"1:44","description":"Water levels expected to rise all week in the nation's mid-section putting millions at risk.","url":"/WNT/video/flood-warning-state-emergency-24272508","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}