Florida election bill signed into law amid controversy

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis gave Fox News exclusive access to the signing ceremony and barred other media outlets from covering the event. Democrats believe the bill will suppress minority voters.
3:01 | 05/06/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida election bill signed into law amid controversy
To the major political headlines tonight and the battle within the Republican party, shaped by who is standing with former president trump and his false claims about the presidential election. Also tonight, Florida governor Ron Desantis signing a new voting bill in that state that limits drop boxes and mail-in balloting, among other things. And he followed the former president's playbook with how he unveiled this today. And on capitol hill tonight, the move to push out congresswoman Liz Cheney from her leadership post. New York state congresswoman Elise Stefanik campaigning to replace her. Here's our chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl tonight. Reporter: It's Donald Trump's party. Just witness Florida's Republican governor Ron Desantis today signing into law new voting restrictions, inspired by trump's lies about the election. He did it before a trump fan club called club 45, live on trump's favorite television show "Fox and friends." All other news organizations banned. I'm actually going to sign it right here. It's going to take effect. So -- There you go. The bill is signed. Reporter: Signing the bill, Desantis signed trump hats and a the Republicans in congress are moving to oust trump critic Liz Cheney as the number three Republican in house leadership. Her trump endorsed replacement, congresswoman Elise Stefanik, has promoted lies about the election. I'm proud to stand up for president trump. Reporter: Today she appeared on a podcast hosted by Steve Bannon, the trump loyalist who was pardoned by trump after being indicted for allegedly defrauding trump supporters. My vision is to run with support from the president and his coalition of voters, which was the highest number of votes ever won by a Republican nominee in 2020. Reporter: Sources close to Cheney say she knows she's likely to lose her leadership post, but she sees the stakes as she wrote in "The Washington post," quote, "Republicans must decide whether we're are going to choose truth and fidelity to the constitution." Adding, "There is good reason to believe that trump's language can provoke violence again." And Jon, what's so interesting about all of this, Liz Cheney voted for the trump agenda 93% of the time, far more than congresswoman Elise Stefanik, so, it would seem this is a lot less about Republican policy and more about who is still standing with the former president and his claims. Reporter: It sure looks that way, David. Nobody truly doubts that Liz Cheney is a conservative, where as Elise Stefanik didn't even vote for the trump tax cut, which was really the signature legislative achievement of the trump presidency. But Stefanik did support those every fortes on January 6th to overturn the presidential election and even today, she was talking in that interview with Steve Bannon, quote, about the need to fix election security issues. So, that is clearly the place that she is with the president, where as Liz Cheney was very much with the former president in terms of his policy agenda. All right, Jon Karl, thank you. New developments tonight in

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis gave Fox News exclusive access to the signing ceremony and barred other media outlets from covering the event. Democrats believe the bill will suppress minority voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"77542259","title":"Florida election bill signed into law amid controversy","url":"/WNT/video/florida-election-bill-signed-law-amid-controversy-77542259"}