A Fourth of July unlike any other as COVID-19 cases keep rising

Up to 80% of fireworks displays across the country reportedly have been canceled. Hospitalizations are rising in 26 states, including Texas, which hit a record high Friday.
5:04 | 07/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Fourth of July unlike any other as COVID-19 cases keep rising
We begin with the coronavirus pandemic and the staggering new numbers. Cases rising in 38 new states and a record number of new cases for the seventh time. More than 57,000 people testing positive in the last 24 hours, the third day above 50,000. Florida with 9,400 new cases. Nearly 15% of everyone tested was positive. Overnight curfew now in place in miami-dade county. In Texas the state-wide mask mandate took effect at noon. Get this, 25% of all tests came back positive. Hospitalizations rising in Arizona for seven straight days. 91% of icu beds are now in use. This holiday weekend more people are flying than at any time since the pandemic hit and they are flocking to the waters. This traffic on the way to the Jersey shore backed up for miles. In Missouri, you may remember the crowds we saw at memorial day. They returned. In some of the nation's worst hot spots, Texas, California, Florida, some of the beaches are closed. Reporter: Tonight, a fourth of July holiday like no other. 70 miles of empty beaches in south Florida. While in New Jersey -- Never seen it this bad. Reporter: Thousands flocking to the shore. Up to 80 percent of fireworks displays across the country, cancelled. But the mayor of Lancaster, California, is defiant. This is America. This is our birthday, and it is the worst year that we have ever experienced. The only thing that will stop it is handcuffs. Reporter: Beaches in hotspots like Texas, California and Florida, closed starting today. It's not the beaches per say, that are the problem. It's the crowds that are created. Reporter: The party is still on at the lake of the ozark. Back in Florida, more than 9,400 new infections. Nearly 15 percent of all tests coming back positive. And alarming news in central Florida, employees at 30 publix supermarkets testing positive. The virus infecting this 41-year-old mother in Orlando. It hit me like a, just a truck ran over me, it's one of the most painful things I've ever had to deal with. Reporter: Her husband forced to go back to work as a bartender after he couldn't apply for unemployment. She thinks that's why she ended up in the hospital. It's the most excruciating pain felt, your head. Can't even think straight. You can't read. Your eyes cannot open. You can't. You're helpless. Reporter: She's now home, isolated from her 3-year-old son by this glass window. At least 19 states, rolling back or pausing their re-openings. Just four states accounting for more than half of all new cases nationwide this week. Authorities in Tempe, investigating a bar for allegedly allowing employees infected with covid-19, to keep working. Nearly a quarter of people getting tested statewide are infected. Hospitalizations hitting a record high today, icu's at 91 percent capacity. Hospitalizations on the rise in 26 states. Including Texas which hit a record high today. The state's governor with a warning. A lot of people said there simply are not enough people dying. Anyone that thinks covid-19 is not dangerous, the numbers are glaring warning signs that this is dangerous. Reporter: And as cases grow in California. This week for the first time, the mayor of Los Angeles saying health officials now believe the recent protests, led to a surge. We do believe there is a connection, we don't believe that everybody has been doing this safely and wherever you can, please stay at home. Reporter: Crowding a major cause of contagion. In what's being called the Greek row outbreak, more than 100 students living in fraternity houses near the university of Washington, infected with the virus. A lot of us are taking extra precautions, we're all going and getting tested this week. Reporter: And now top government health officials saying the virus may have mutated and seems to spread more easily, but is not necessarily more deadly. The virus replicates better and may be more transmissible. It does look like a particular mutation may make the virus more transmissible. Victor, I want to go back to what is happening behind you. Describe how rare it is for beaches to be closed on the fourth of July. Reporter: Tom, I cannot remember a time the beaches were closed for the fourth of July and memorial day weekend, even during a hurricane. Beach police have enhanced -- they will be handing out random prizes to people wearing masks to promote safety. Victor, thank you.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Up to 80% of fireworks displays across the country reportedly have been canceled. Hospitalizations are rising in 26 states, including Texas, which hit a record high Friday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71602051","title":"A Fourth of July unlike any other as COVID-19 cases keep rising","url":"/WNT/video/fourth-july-unlike-covid-19-cases-rising-71602051"}