French Art and Pick Pocketing

Swarms of thieves at the Louvre cause staffers to protest, closing the world famous museum.
1:54 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for French Art and Pick Pocketing
hundreds of thousands of people have been swarmed by a talented new band of pick pockets. So treacherous, they can really ruin a dream vacation. Abc's lama hasan on the invasion of the thieves, including tiny children. Reporter: Aah, paris. The eiffel tower. The arc de triomphe. The louvre museum. The pick-pocketers? Yes, so bad, the pick-pocketing kids bringing the great museums to its knees, targeting the unsuspecting tourists too busy soaking in leonardo da vinci's mona lisa and the ancient greek statue venus de milo. They're even preying on their staff, who were so fed up they -- with the lack of security, they walked out. Here's how they work. Watch closely as these two teens approach their target, a couple sitting having coffee. Their cellphones out on the table. First, watch the girl on the right swooping in -- freeze it. Right there, a distraction. Then the kid on the left moves in, using a newspaper he covers the cellphone. Then watch this, with the snap of his wrist, he snags the phone. Watch the move again. Newspaper covers, phone snagged. And they are gone in a flash. Now watch this classic move, kids show our bbc colleague their best. One distracts with a map, while the other two get his attention. Right there, in the confusion, they nab his wallet. Watch it again. Then it's handed off to his accomplice. We met this couple, visiting london today from alabama. Their friend -- pickpocketed, while visiting a church! You have to be vigilant. I'm just being more cautious of surroundings. Reporter: So a message, if you're family is panning that grand trip the sights of europe are calling, just be sure to keep your eyes wide open. Lama hasan, abc news, london.

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{"id":18936240,"title":"French Art and Pick Pocketing","duration":"1:54","description":"Swarms of thieves at the Louvre cause staffers to protest, closing the world famous museum.","url":"/WNT/video/french-art-pick-pocketing-18936240","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}