Frustration Over ISIS: Why Can't They Be Stopped?

President Obama expected to lay out plans in State of the Union to fight terrorism.
1:29 | 01/21/15

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Transcript for Frustration Over ISIS: Why Can't They Be Stopped?
Brian Ross, thank you. ABC's Martha Raddatz is right here tonight. And I wanted to take our viewers at home back to that image of Jihadi John. The brazen videos we mentioned. So many of them taped in broad daylight. People at home are going to be asking, why can't we get this guy? Reporter: It's incredible, David. We have so much equipment over there. We just don't have people on the ground. And that's what it takes, intelligence on the ground to figure this out. Plus, Jihadi John, as he is called, he knows not to communicate on cell phones and other things the U.S. Would be able to pick up. But the president tonight is going to say, "We will defeat and degrade these terrorists in Isis." We'll hear that a short time from now. Meanwhile, Yemen. You've been there several times. The presidential palace surrounded for a time. What's the latest on that and what's the status of the U.S. Embassy there? Reporter: The presidential pal las over there, still surround D. The president of Yemen is not inside that. He's inside his house, but he's also surrounded there. The embassy, they believe, is safe at this time. They are not planning on evacuating it. But there are two U.S. Ships in the red sea ready to do that if they have to. All right, Martha Raddatz, thank you. And from Yemen to Libya this evening, and yet another developing headline. And a new warning at this hour from Americans. The state department urging all U.S. Citizens to leave the country immediately. The fighting escalating between militants and government troops. The U.S. Embassy already suspended all operations in July.

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{"duration":"1:29","description":"President Obama expected to lay out plans in State of the Union to fight terrorism.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"28359809","title":"Frustration Over ISIS: Why Can't They Be Stopped?","url":"/WNT/video/frustration-isis-stopped-28359809"}