Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf to Saddam Hussein: 'Get Outta Town'

U.S. general discusses str.
1:33 | 12/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf to Saddam Hussein: 'Get Outta Town'
Some additional clues tonight about why the western allies were so successful in the gulf. They come from the general -- strategy won the war general Norman Schwarzkopf he was interviewed for 20/20 by ABC's Barbara Walters and Saudi Arabia. But -- Saddam. Hussein's biggest mistake. Has predictability. His predictability. But it was -- unpredictable whether he says we don't know we don't know what makes him do things. We we studied the Iran Iraq campaign's very very carefully. And and based upon Iran Iraq campaigns we came -- a lot of assumptions of what they would do and we were -- a single. I'm. Cannot take -- to that meeting with the Iraqi general re also the pictures we haven't -- that much about it I understand that the one place they were surprised by is when you gave them and the number the Iraqi POW. They had said we are now ready to give you the numbers and and we said -- and he said we have 41 POWs and -- Give us a breakdown by country many interrupted me he said. Would you mind telling us how many prisoners you have. And I said. Well as of last night we have 60000 but we're still counting. And and you the entire delegation you could just see. That there was a sense of Billy they all kept a poker face but you could tell that everyone on just immediately -- If you couldn't -- Saddam Hussein what would you ask him. Frustrated.

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{"duration":"1:33","description":"U.S. general discusses str.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"18079455","title":"Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf to Saddam Hussein: 'Get Outta Town'","url":"/WNT/video/gen-norman-schwarzkopf-dead-78-barbara-walters-interview-18079455"}