The government shutdown goes on to Day 2

Republicans and Democrats are in a standstill over immigration policy.
3:06 | 01/22/18

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Transcript for The government shutdown goes on to Day 2
We begin with the government shutdown battle. At this hour, the senate working towards a 1:00 A.M. Vote to reopen the federal government, and once again, a last-minute scramble for votes under way. President trump at the white house tweeting Republicans should use the nuclear option, ending the rule requiring 60 votes to pass. Chuck Schumer urging the president to seal the deal. Schumer even offering to agree to fund the president's wall in exchange for immigration reform. 800,000 government employees right now in limbo. Here's David Wright. This is surreal. I thought we would avoid the mess we find ourselves in today. Reporter: Tonight, on capitol hill, a showdown over the shutdown. Makes you shake your head. Who comes up with ideas like this? I agree with majority leader Mcconnell. The trump shutdown was totally avoidable. Reporter: Tonight, lawmqkers a measure to fund the government through February 8th, with a commitment to dealing with immigration at that time. Is it realistic to hope there could be a solution tonight? Yes, because if it doesn't happen tonight, it's going to get a lot harder tomorrow. Reporter: Sources tell ABC news the compromise would give president trump full funding for his border wall in exchange for protecting the d.r.e.a.m.ers. We're going to go to that. That's likely, what we're talking about for an agreement. Reporter: That may be a tough sell with hardline Republicans who want to restrict immigration. House Democrats won't like it either if it gives trump his wall. Would house Democrats support such a plan? All of the money he wants for his wall? Reporter: $20 billion. Come on, come on. And is that going to be paid by Mexico? Reporter: If this goes on, hundreds of thousands of nonessential government workers will face furloughs. Other more essential jobs will have to work, but without being paid. Venorica tucker has been through this before. I live from payday to payday, paycheck to paycheck. So, it's very difficult. The immediate impact of the shutdown hitting so many. David, you have been talking to both sides of congress all day long. What are you hearing about any last-minute maneuvers? Reporter: This vote tonight is a do-over of the vote that failed to pass Friday night. This time, with a three-week window and a commitment to vote on immigration sometime in February. Republicans are optimistic they have the votes, but both sides agree, if they don't pass this, tomorrow, this gets a whole lot worse. Tom? David, thank you. Next, the government shutdown possibly bringing

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Republicans and Democrats are in a standstill over immigration policy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"52508024","title":"The government shutdown goes on to Day 2","url":"/WNT/video/government-shutdown-day-52508024"}