GPS Nightmare Leads to an 800-Mile Wrong Turn

Trust your GPS, but verify, one bus driver found out to the chagrin of his passengers.
1:39 | 03/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GPS Nightmare Leads to an 800-Mile Wrong Turn
Finally tonight here, perhaps it's happened to you. The gps steering you wrong. But an 800-mile wrong turn? I guess what we do is just drive around this circle here. Reporter: Who could forget that scene from "National lampoon's european vacation." There's big pen. Reporter: Chevy chase gets caught in the traffic circumstance. In London and can't get out. Yeah. We know. Big Ben. Parliament. Reporter: Which brings us to that new headline tonight. You can't make this up. 50 tourists on a trip to the French alps. When the bus trip was over, their destination looked more like this. The driver said he followed gps. But went more than 600 miles offcourse, ending up in the French countryside. Hope they like wine. It's happened before. ? On a dark desert highway ? Reporter: There was the cooper family from Nevada, donna, her daughter Gina, their friend, who told us about that day trip to a museum in death valley. They followed gps, too. Turn left on California 190. Reporter: They got lost, instructed to keep turning around, going down the wrong roads. Three days in the desert, out of gas, out of cell phone service. A California highway patrol chopper spots them. Dirt road. Found their vehicle next to a road which, we're like, is that a car? Reporter: They found them. Look at the smiles. So, it turns out chevy chase wasn't alone afterall. The sun down, still going around that circle. It's amazing! I cannot get left! We can all relate to that. Thank you for watching here on a Wednesday night. I'm David Muir. I hope to see you right back here tomorrow, same place. You don't even need your gps.

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{"id":29570774,"title":"GPS Nightmare Leads to an 800-Mile Wrong Turn","duration":"1:39","description":"Trust your GPS, but verify, one bus driver found out to the chagrin of his passengers.","url":"/WNT/video/gps-nightmare-leads-800-mile-wrong-turn-29570774","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}