Hannah Storm Update: Backyard Gas Grill Explosion

The latest on ESPN anchor who sustained second- and third-degree burns in freak accident.
3:52 | 01/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hannah Storm Update: Backyard Gas Grill Explosion
story we first reported last night here, our friend and colleague at espn, hannah storm back on the air today at the rose parade after a terrifying accident at home. A propane grill exploding, setting her on fire. You might have seen some of hannah's interviews here, this one with tim tebow. E's been a great friend to this broadcast. She also anchors "sportscenter" on espn, of course. Three weeks after that explosion, her comeback, hosting today's rose parade with "good morning america's" josh elliott. Tonight, here, though, a powerful lesson and the images of hannah in the days after the explosion. And we warn you,e difficult to look at. Hannah, can you take us back to that night? You were grilling outdoor,s, getting ready for the family? I went outside to light a propane grill. I went back inside, went out to see how hot the grill was and the flames had been blown out. The cover of the gril was open so I assumed, logically as i guess most people would be that there wouldn't be any gas in the air. Well, propane is actually heavier than air and especially in cold weather, it tends to sit on top of the grill and cool inside and underneath the grill, so, the second I relit the flame, after I turned the gas off, I relit the flame and it was a wall of fire, huge explosion. So much force that I blew the doors of the grill completely off. You said the explosion was so loud, a neighborho thought a tree came through the house? A neighbor clear across the street thought a tree had fallen through the roof. That's how loud the explosion was. It happened in a split second and immediately I was on fire, so, my hair was on fire, my chest and the whole top of my shirt was on fire. I didn't know what to do other than I'm left-handed, reach and just get the shirt off of me as quickly as possible. So, that's why my hand is so badly damaged. I yelled inside to my 15-year-old daughter, who was in the kitchen, mommy's on fire. You have to call 911. And she came outside, I know, she was one of the people who was with you every step of the way. I told her I was on fire, i asked her to call 911. Like all teenagers, she picks up her cell phone and calls 911. You went to the hospital and it wasn't until the next day you actually had a chance to see yourself. Right. The skin was burned. There were red, actually flame marks up my neck. You could tell where the flames had, you know, been licking up on my, on my neck and I was very disfigured and, you know, without hair, eyelashes, eyebr eyebrowses it was a sight to behold. You look as beautiful as ever but I know this was a tough road and you have a whole team that helps you get ready for this broadcast today. Listen, I had the access to, you know, I spent an hour in hair and makeup this morning. I have on false eyelashes. This is all fake hair. When the makeup artist brushed anyebrow on me, I almost stood up and kissed her this morning. But it is a long -- it is a hard road for burn victims. I was by far the most fortunate person in my burn unit. Hannah, I wanted to go back to the grill. You said you turned the propane off, which would sound to me like what anyone should do, so, what more could have you done? Right, right. If your grill has been lit but the lighter did not ignite for a period of time, the chances are very good that there is a lot of propane still sitting in the area. So, just turning it off and relighting your grill isn't sufficient. You have to wait a long period of time for all of that propain to dissipate before you would try to reignite your grill. You've been amazing in turning this into a blessing and how well you've recovered and you've got a whole new year ahead of you now. Thanks. And happy new year to you, david.

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{"id":18109854,"title":"Hannah Storm Update: Backyard Gas Grill Explosion","duration":"3:52","description":"The latest on ESPN anchor who sustained second- and third-degree burns in freak accident.","url":"/WNT/video/hannah-storm-update-backyard-gas-grill-explosion-18109854","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}