Hillary Clinton Campaigns With Elizabeth Warren in Ohio

A recent poll shows Clinton with a 12-point lead among registered voters over Donald Trump.
2:47 | 06/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton Campaigns With Elizabeth Warren in Ohio
The race for the white house now. Hillary Clinton in Ohio today, hand in hand with senator Elizabeth Warren. The party's Progressive champion, fuming an upbeat mood. Our new poll showing Clinton with a 12-point lead. A big swing from last month's dead heat. But that question of trust still dogs Clinton, and she addressed it directly today. ABC's Cecilia Vega is on the trail in Cincinnati. Reporter: It sure looked like a vp audition. T the. I'm here today because I'm with her. Yes, her. Reporter: Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton came out swinging in their first campaign stop together. When Donald Trump says he'll make America great, he means make it even greater for rich guys just like Donald Trump. I do just love to see how she gets under Donald Trump's thin skin. Reporter: ABC news has learned the Massachusetts senator is among the names being formally vetted as a possible Clinton running mate. Many here excited by the prospect. You would vote for a clinton/warren ticket? Absolutely. Reporter: But today, Clinton herself not going there. How are you feeling about Elizabeth Warren for a vp pick? It was a great event. Reporter: Are you liking her for vp, though? How about a vp possibility? I'm not making any news today. Reporter: No news today? The big news, that new poll showing 64% of voters say trump is unqualified to be president, and an overwhelming majority think he's biased against muslims, women and minorities. Trump today calling Warren a sellout, and, again, mocking her for claiming she's of native American decent. Did you hear pocahontas? Reporter: Tweeting, "She lied on heritage." His supporter, former Massachusetts senator Scott brown, going even further. She can take a DNA test. Reporter: And Clinton, in a rare moment of campaign trail self-reflection, acknowledging that many voters just don't trust her. Now, I don't like hearing that. And I've thought a lot about what's behind it. I've made mistakes. I don't know anyone who hasn't. So, I understand people having questions. And Cecilia joins us now. Now, Cecilia, you know, Clinton and Warren, they look like a pretty happy couple, but what are you hearing from voters you talked to outside the rally about two women on the ticket? Reporter: Well, George, I can tell you, the crowd inside the rally was one of the most enthusiastic I have seen while covering the Clinton campaign. But some voters here in Ohio today told me they do not think this country is ready to see two women on the ticket. But clearly the Clinton campaign sees Warren as a huge asset, especially when it comes to attacking Donald Trump. And he is ready to attack right back. Cecilia, thank you. Hillary Clinton and benghazi back in the headlines today.

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{"id":40175308,"title":"Hillary Clinton Campaigns With Elizabeth Warren in Ohio","duration":"2:47","description":"A recent poll shows Clinton with a 12-point lead among registered voters over Donald Trump. ","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clinton-campaigns-elizabeth-warren-ohio-40175308","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}