Hospital evacuations in Texas due to flash flooding

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has declared a disaster in 13 counties as Tropical Storm Imelda delivered torrential rain and dangerous flash flooding.
3:56 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Hospital evacuations in Texas due to flash flooding
with the flooding emergencies playing out right now, as we come on. Torrential rain from what was tropical storm Imelda. A state of disaster across parts of the gulf. More than three feet of rain in some places. In fact, more rain in Winnie, Texas, than from hurricane Harvey two years ago. Life-threatening flooding triggering hundreds of rescues tonight, including this family in Beaumont. Drivers trapped for hours on I-10 between Houston and some abandoning their vehicles and walking away. A complete groundstop at the airport in Houston for a time. Cars and buses submerged on the roads to the terminals there. The storm spawning tornadoes. Schools in the area that had stayed open are under worlders to shelter in place. And ABC's Clayton Sandell leads us off from Texas tonight. Reporter: Tonight, the rain and the rescues have not stopped. A race to save hundreds of families and their pets as Imelda's deluge slams southeast Texas. These flash flood emergencies are life-threatening situations. Reporter: Sheeting of rain falling as fast as five inches per hour in the middle of the night, upending vehicles and trapping residents. These people are stranded in their homes and so many of the homes look like this. Reporter: James and kember Gibson just finished rebuilding their home after hurricane Harvey two years ago. It happened very fast. Very fast. Reporter: The gibsons and their 2-year-old grandson They finally recovered from Harvey and now they have to figure out how to recover from I've been building a berm around the house and then we started pumping water. Reporter: The soaking sending trees crashing down onto houses. This did not happen due to wind. This happened because the ground was just so saturated. Reporter: And this frightening scene north of Houston. Water spinning this car like a top. The driver escaping through the window. In Houston, this woman caught in the floodwaters helped to safety. At the city's biggest airport today, you needed a submarine instead of a plane. Nearly 800 flights canceled. The roof of this post office building collapsing. Three people inside had minor injuries. With floodwaters rising, Houston officials told some schools to shelter children in place. Traffic at a standstill for hours as parents tried to reach their kids. East of the city, floodwaters submerging interstate 10, stranding drivers overnight. And even a few cows. This as multiple tornadoes were reported. This one touching down in Baytown. It lasted abouthree minutes, boom. Reporter: The insides of this house now on the lawn. Neighbors starting the cleanup, glad to be alive. And David, you can see what all this water has done to the roads. There are abandoned cars everywhere. There were 300 rescues here in chambers county. 1,000 closer to Houston. And rescuers are going to be very busy until these floodwaters go down. David? Clayton Sandell, thank you. Let's get right to meteorologist rob Marciano at the Houston airport tonight, where travelers have been stranded for some time now. Hey, rob. Reporter: Hi, David. It's been a nightmare for travelers and very difficult to get around Houston. Certainly reminiscent of Harvey, though, not five feet of rain, 40 inches falling. Check it out on this radar estimate. And some of that two feet of rain coming in less than 12 hours. That's where you get that flash flooding. The rainfall now, the heaviest is south of Houston. We still have flash flood warnings that are posted until after midnight. Imelda will begin to wring itself out. Active tropics. Three storms in the pacific. Two hurricanes in the atlantic. Humberto lashing bermuda with 100-mile-an-hour winds. Jerry will make a run at bermuda next week. And in Houston and Texas, storms in the gulf can certainly pop up quickly.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has declared a disaster in 13 counties as Tropical Storm Imelda delivered torrential rain and dangerous flash flooding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"65731658","title":"Hospital evacuations in Texas due to flash flooding","url":"/WNT/video/hospital-evacuations-texas-due-flash-flooding-65731658"}