Former House Speaker Hastert Indicates Guilty Plea Coming

Dennis Hastert expected to enter plea deal in fraud case related to sexual misconduct
2:33 | 10/15/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former House Speaker Hastert Indicates Guilty Plea Coming
Begin with that dramatic fall a bombshell decision from a man it was once one of the most powerful men in Washington. Former speaker of the house Dennis pastor and a move that could keep his secrets from coming out in open court. Signaling he will plead guilty in a criminal case. Prosecutors accusing answered of paying hush money to hide misconduct. That misconduct going back decades it was time as a high school teacher and popular wrestling coach. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross on pastor it's moved to prison time he might now face and the family tonight saying the truth is out. The decision today by 73 year old Dennis hazard to plead guilty means there will be no trial here at none of his dark secrets and will be exposed and open. Mr. stricker but it exchange. The former speaker of the house once second in line to the presence may spend time in prison the first speaker ever to do so. The charges against answered. Grow out of his role as a popular Illinois high school wrestling coach in the 1970s. Authorities say hazard sexually abused several teenage boys on the team. And then a few years ago began to pay one of them more than a million dollars in hush money to keep quiet. He's boys who were. 141516. Years old. Jolene birch told ABC news her late brother. Stephen Ryan built was one of hazards victims something she learned years later she says when her brother told her he was gay. I asked them stable when did you first same sex experience mean he just looked at me and set it was with Dennis faster. And I just. IE no I was stunned. I said why did she ever tell anybody Stevie I mean. He was your teacher why did she ever tell anybody he slipped at me and tell who is ever going to believe me. In this town who is ever going to believe me. For years Jolene Burge tried to expose what Dennis pastor allegedly did and today she said even if there is no trial. The world now knows what kind of a man. Dennis house or. He'll plead out. And try to make this go away as quickly as it can. And he can do that but the truth is out. Authorities say what tripped up hasn't left the recent effort to pay off this victim. He's charged with violating bank laws for the way he handled is huge cash withdrawals and then lying to the FBI about them. He's expected to plead guilty to one of those two counts either one of which David usually results in time behind bars.

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{"id":34508916,"title":"Former House Speaker Hastert Indicates Guilty Plea Coming","duration":"2:33","description":"Dennis Hastert expected to enter plea deal in fraud case related to sexual misconduct","url":"/WNT/video/house-speaker-hastert-guilty-plea-coming-34508916","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}