The New Hunger

Girls across America try to match Jennifer Lawrence's aim in "The Hunger Games."
1:50 | 12/07/13

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across america on target to be as tough as the star they have been seeing on the big screen. They are aiming for the bullseye tonight. AND RIGHT THERE WITH THEM, ABCs Sarah haynes. Reporter: The new hunger games hasn't just set the box office on fire. It's made a star of an ancient and let's face it obscure sport. Jennifer lawrence and her fearless character inspiring an army of tiny followers. Do you see people come in here that say I want to learn to be katniss. Absolutely. Reporter: Derek dave sis an archery coach, his phone has been ringing off the hook. It's not just hunger games. This young girl saw rave and dropped her stuffed animals for an archery set. I am meredith. And I will be shooting from my own hand. I think seeing a female character use a bow and arrow was really exciting. Reporter: Girls from all around the country telling us -- after reading hungser games and watching the movie, I really want to learn archery. I like archery, it builds my strength. I want to shoot a bow like katniss. Reporter: We went to a range and store where the owners say they can't keep up with demand. Do your friends call you katniss. Yes. Do you love that. Yes. Reporter: Coach davis says the sport is a safe one and has seen other benefits. Confidence improves. The focus tends to help them in their academics as well. It's about what's inside of you. You know, not how strong you are, not how fast you are. I feel calm when I shoot, i just focus in on just the target. Sarah haynes, abc news, saddlebrooke, new jersey. Pretty mean shot there sarah. Good morning america first thing

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{"id":21137312,"title":"The New Hunger","duration":"1:50","description":"Girls across America try to match Jennifer Lawrence's aim in \"The Hunger Games.\"","url":"/WNT/video/hunger--21137312","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}