Ice and snow shutting down interstates in the Deep South

The dangerously low wind chills have also forced schools to close in several states.
2:30 | 01/17/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ice and snow shutting down interstates in the Deep South
evening to the dangerous winter storm hitting right now. Just incredible images coming in. The chain reaction crashes. 90 million in the path of snow, ice, bitter cold from Texas all the way up to the northeast. The treacherous come meet. A major pileup involving a greyhound bus and trucks near Bonneville, Kentucky. Snow pushing into the northeast tonight, through tomorrow, D.C. To philly, New York to Boston. Here's ABC's gio Benitez tonight. Reporter: Tonight, a 1,700-mile swath of ice and snow is making travel treacherous for millions and it's all moving east. Watch this pickup truck try to pass on icy interstate 55 in senatobia, Mississippi, four-wheel drive no help on these roads. Another one nearly crashing into oncoming lanes. The deep freeze shutting multiple interstates across the deep south, from Louisiana to Alabama, where there's a state of emergency in effect, to Texas. If you don't have to be on the roads, please don't be on the roads. Reporter: Watch Kevin Quinn from our station KTRK getting ready to report from this crash when -- One, two, three, four -- whoa! There's -- Reporter: Another truck careens down the same embankment, nearly crashes into other cars. Further north on interstate 65, multiple tractor trailers and a greyhound bus piling up. At least seven injured. Traffic snaking back for miles. The icy conditions doing a number on airports, too. More than 1,500 flights canceled and thousands more delayed. Gio with us live from the west side highway tonight. And gio, we know that authorities are warning about the dangerous driving overnight and into the morning. Reporter: That's right, David. That's when we're going to see the storm move along the coast from Florida up to new England. In fact, North Carolina's governor has just issued a state of emergency, so, no doubt, this is going to be a messy and dangerous commute. David? Been a long winter already. Gio, thank you. The mix of freezing rain and snow will make it very difficult for that come mute in the morning. Let's get right to ginger zee, tracking it again tonight for us. Reporter: Believe it or not, David, schools closing again for places around Houston, lsu is closed tomorrow, and you can see why, right along I-10 there, the gulf through Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, snowing now. The winter weather advisories stretch from Florida to Virginia to New Hampshire. I chuckle because it's so deep south that this snow is hitting again. If a place like mobile gets their second snow of the season, measurable, they haven't done that but once in recorded history. It's a big deal. And the east coast, interior could see six-plus inches. And the cold, it settles in. Subzero wind exits for Alabama. Ginger, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"The dangerously low wind chills have also forced schools to close in several states.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"52392207","title":"Ice and snow shutting down interstates in the Deep South","url":"/WNT/video/ice-snow-shutting-interstates-deep-south-52392207"}