A look inside the largest hospital in the US

Saying the Javits Convention Center will be overrun with coronavirus cases, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on the USNS Comfort to accept COVID-19 patients.
6:27 | 04/06/20

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Transcript for A look inside the largest hospital in the US
for antibodies to see if you've had it. Good eve ppenning. As we begin another night in the middle of this fight. The president telling Americans to be prepared for this next week to week and a half. The surgeon general warning this could be our pearl harbor, our 9/11 moment. The British prime minister moved into intensive care. President trump saying Americans are all praying for him. He's been a very good friend. The number of deaths more than 10,000, the staggering toll over five weeks. Inside a Brooklyn hospital, they say they're taking in a new patient every 14 minutes. One doctor saying the E.R. Is a hot zone. In the javits center, beds taking coronavirus patients. And the governor of New York asking for a change, and president trump saying patients can be treated there from both New York and New Jersey. Several hot spots, michigan,louisiana, Florida, temporary hospitals going up. And the worsening conditions of the British prime minister. He's asked the foreign secretary to step in where needed. We'll guide you through it all. First, we begin with what we could be seeing in the numbers in New York. Are we nearing a plateau of sorts? The governor cautioning it's still dire. We begin with Tom llamas, right here in New York. Reporter: Tonight, a look inside the cavernous javits convention center in Manhattan, now the largest hospital in the nation. Teams of military doctors taking in patients, checking temperatures, monitoring ventilators. But New York governor Andrew Cuomo says even this will not be enough. He's calling for the Navy hospital ship the comfort to start accepting covid cases. Today there are only about 40 patients of any kind on the massive ship. I'm going to call the president this afternoon and ask him to shift the comfort from non-covid to covid. Reporter: The surgeon general says the U.S. Is now entering the period we have all been dreading. The next week is going to be our pearl harbor moment. It's going to be our 9/11. It's going to be the hardest moment for many Americans in their entire lives. Reporter: In New York state, more than 4,700 have died from the coronavirus. It is very hard to see the number of deaths we are having. It's frightening, it's disturbing, that amount of loss. Reporter: Still today, a glimmer of hope. The death rate here may be slowing. The rigorous social distancing possibly paying off. The governor saying New York is nearing the apex and the curve may be flattening. The total number of hospitalizations are down. The icu admissions are down. And the daily intubations are down. Those are all good signs. Reporter: But Cuomo also warning -- We get reckless, we change, we are not compliant in social distancing, you'll see the numbers go up again. Reporter: But even so, hospitals here are overwhelmed. Pushed to capacity and beyond. Pretty much the entire emergency department is a hot zone at this point. Reporter: Dr. John Marshall took ABC news inside maimonides hospital in Brooklyn. I sent out the ventilator update for the morning. There are 50 right now. Reporter: The doctor's team now includes volunteers from as far away as Utah. We're working on the assumption that every patient has Corona at this point. Reporter: One of the healthcare workers on the frontlines, nurse Rivka Mintz, her day starts at 5:00 A.M. Managing other nurses and caring for endless patients. Work that stresses the mind, body, and soul. Has a patient with covid asked you, "Am I gonna die?" Absolutely. Absolutely. And it's scary. I mean, we don't know the answers. Reporter: Across the country, a battle to save lives. This is Dr. Ali raja in Boston. In one eight hour shift, I intubated ten patients, which is more than I've ever done in one shift in my entire life. Reporter: To Dr. Michael Cuba in New Orleans. The only mistake we can make as a department in the emergency room or hospital or health system in this region is to be underprepared and things continue to get worse. Reporter: New Jersey, today, reaching a grim milestone -- 1,000 deaths. This is not over, and not by a long shot. Reporter: ABC's Stephanie Ramos out with emts in teaneck, New Jersey, working around the clock. This crew just picked up a person who has tested positive for covid-19. They told me that that person is having trouble breathing right now. They're taking them to the hospital. But they say that they respond to calls like this every couple minutes throughout the day. Reporter: Each case is different. In Iowa city, Irena Yoder brought her 18-year-old son Dimitri to the E.R. I wouldn't let anything happen to my son. So we are fighting right now for him. Reporter: Twice they went, and twice he wasn't admitted. Doctors didn't want him to infect other patients. He is very, very sick right now. Reporter: She says he later tested positive. But slowly he got better. I'm glad to be recovering finally. Tom, we all heard New York's governor when he said he would call the president to allow the comfort to treat coronavirus patients. The president telling the American people that he will allow for that change, moments Reporter: That's right. The comfort has 1,000 hospital earlier today, they only had about 40 patients. The governor made it clear, they need the comfort to treat coronavirus patients. Patients from New Jersey have also been cleared to come over. But the original mission for the comfort wasn't to treat covid-19 patients, so they'll have to adapt. Tom, thank you. We're also following the

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"Saying the Javits Convention Center will be overrun with coronavirus cases, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on the USNS Comfort to accept COVID-19 patients.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70008290","title":"A look inside the largest hospital in the US","url":"/WNT/video/inside-largest-hospital-us-70008290"}