Inside the Papal Conclave

1.2 billion Catholics await signs of smoke to welcome in the next pope.
2:56 | 03/10/13

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Transcript for Inside the Papal Conclave
Ancient and mysterious ritual of choosing a new -- is growing near this city in the world's one point two billion Catholics holding their breath waiting. You -- looking at the Vatican line lit up against the night and behind its walls the preparations for Tuesday's concrete are nearly complete. But on this day of worship the cardinals visited churches across the city saying -- greeted like celebrities one of them will be the next -- And so we go to ABC's David Wright reporting from the Vatican on a rainy Sunday night David. Good evening -- it was fascinating to watch today as the cardinals fanned out across row to celebrate mass. -- churches that are permanently assigned to them as sort of the honorary -- What was fascinating was the contrast of styles on one day in one city a chance to compare the candidates. -- outside our lady of Guadalupe -- cardinal Timothy Dolan worked the crowd like he was running for mayor of the Vatican yeah. When I'm here I'm feel like I'm home he said his New York Italian there's a great crowd violence and to collections reduced -- yards. Contrast that with the far more reserved scene at Saint Andrews -- queer and now. Roman home of Brazil's cardinal -- -- -- share. Archdiocese. Brazil's capital has more Roman Catholics and the entire population of New York City. He said to have strong backing from the Vatican political machine to. Over at the church of the twelve holy apostles cardinal Angelo Scola Milan he's positioning himself as the Italian outside the son of a truck driver today's Italian newspapers claimed he goes into the conclave with. Forty votes of the 77 needed to become Pope. And our lady of victory Cardinal Sean O'Malley didn't Wear his usual monk's robes and flip flops he was -- in his Sunday best. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Officially no one runs for Pope. But supporters can get carried away case in point a music video put out today by fans of cardinal Luis Antonio -- -- of Manila. The Sunday. You do -- -- catchy -- for sure. But slightly jarring in the context of electing a Pope. Still tag -- -- energy and ability to inspire. Are what some say the church badly needs. -- has been to -- and focus perhaps too European -- west and south African cardinal Wilfred Napier a potential Pope himself has several names in his mind going in. I'm looking for somebody I think that would do in some way. Reflect it. A vibrancy. Of the faith that the faith is alive and it's. People who want to belong they need and not just -- grudgingly and so on mr. -- -- -- we do it. Less than 48 hours from now the cardinals will have taken their first vote but that first vote. -- likely be black smoke.

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{"id":18698560,"title":"Inside the Papal Conclave","duration":"2:56","description":"1.2 billion Catholics await signs of smoke to welcome in the next pope.","url":"/WNT/video/inside-papal-conclave-18698560","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}