Inside the Siege: Survivors Flee for Exit From Terror

Security officials moving in to end deadly attack at mall, hostages still remain.
5:30 | 09/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside the Siege: Survivors Flee for Exit From Terror
We do begin here with fast moving developments after that deadly terror attack in kenya. It is believed there are still people trapped inside that mall, after the massacre. Authorities moving in late today, just as we see tonight new images now emerging. Video of the chaos inside, right here, when gunmen stormed the mall with grenades and automatic weapons. You can hear the gun fire as shoppers run away in the aisles of this store. shoppers running through the aisles, hoping to avoid the bullets. Hundreds of people rushing to escape, hands in the air, leading frightened children away. Once inside, still not sure they were safe, people comforting one another, helping the injured to get out. Tonight, we are learning more about the group taking responsibility for the attack and its links to the united states. In fact, authorities believe they have recruited americans before. Abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross here on that in a moment. But we have team coverage on the ground tonight of the massacre at kenya's westgate mall. The victims, the attackers. Linsey davis begins our coverage in nairobi. Linsey? Reporter: Good evening, david. Kenyan officials have said this will end tonight, our forces will repray. And there are reports that they are close to clearing that building, but we hear that roughly a dozen hostages are still believed to be inside. Tonight, kenya security forces moved in, hoping to end the more than day and a half standoff, outside the mall, a large explosion as choppered hovered overhead. Some 36 hours after the terror began, the terrorists were still inside the mall, holed up with 30 hostages in a tense standoff with authorities. The group of 10 to 15 militants were deep inside the mall's basement, inside a stocked supermarket with plenty of resources to hold their ground. The toll is already enormous. At least 68 dead. 175 wounded. Among the injured, at least five american citizens. One of them, a child. The highly coordinated attack began at noon yesterday. Two groups of gunmen dressed in black storming the doors, throwing grenades and opening fire with automatic weapons. This dramatic video captures the chaos, gunshots herd as panicked shoppers run through the aisles.

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{"id":20337292,"title":"Inside the Siege: Survivors Flee for Exit From Terror","duration":"5:30","description":"Security officials moving in to end deadly attack at mall, hostages still remain.","url":"/WNT/video/inside-siege-survivors-flee-exit-terror-20337292","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}