Iranian Negotiators Given Hero's Welcome

Iran's negotiating team swarmed on return to Tehran.
2:00 | 11/24/13

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Transcript for Iranian Negotiators Given Hero's Welcome
Now, to the pictures from iran tonight. Hundreds cheering on their negotiators returning to the airport, giving them a hero's welcome. A marked change from a come of months ago when iran's new president returned from america to eggs being thrown at him from the crowd after talking on the phone to president obama. Here's abc's muhammad lila with iranian's words to america. Reporter: In iran, he's being hailed as a hero. The sanctions regime will be broken, iran's president says. And take a look at this photo. Rouhani kissing the forehead of a young girl, her father, a nuclear scientist, assassinated, the iranians say, by foreign agents. We journeyed to iran, seeing for ourselves the winds of change. Here, over lunch, young and proud iranians share their surprising taste in music. What do you listen to? Even here, just listen to what these iranian skateboarders tell us. I hope the relations get better. Maybe have a tour in usa. Reporter: When iranian students took those 52 americans hostage in 1979, the united states severed ties. In iran, it is day 139 for the american hostages. Reporter: If you were watching back then, you might have seen this woman, a spokesperson for the student revolutionaries. Thank you for giving us time today. Thank you. Reporter: Now, she's a reformist and iran's first ever female vice president, telling us words that just a few years ago were unheard of. Together, the u.S. And iran could work against violence, against radicalism. Reporter: But that cooperation might not come easy. After friday prayers, many here still chant "death to america." And outside, when I ask them -- do you think it's time for america and iran to fix the relationship? They respond by chanting it even louder. Muhammad lila, abc news, tehran.

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{"id":20998964,"title":"Iranian Negotiators Given Hero's Welcome","duration":"2:00","description":"Iran's negotiating team swarmed on return to Tehran.","url":"/WNT/video/iranian-negotiators-heros-20998964","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}