Jet Stream Dip Brings Arctic Air

A blast of winter is expected to bring a foot of snow in the Midwest.
1:51 | 11/10/14

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Transcript for Jet Stream Dip Brings Arctic Air
from the arctic tonight, bringing with it the blast of frigid air. And the first snow of the season. And the typhoon turned into the most powerful storm to hit Alaska in decades and snow in Canada. And now it's barreling in the lower 48. ABC's Alex Perez starts us off tonight in Chicago. Reporter: A blast of winter, barreling through Canada into the U.S. Tonight. At Calgary international airport, visibility down as the storm swallows the city. Driving there, always a challenge. Winter weather arriving early across the country. In California, this ski resort has gotten more than ten inches of snowfall. But in Minnesota, they are expecting a foot of snow and plunging temperatures to start the work week. In Wisconsin, salt trucks and plows already on standby. Last week, nuri battled the alaskan islands with winds up to 100 miles an hour. And the crews from the discovery channel's "Deadliest catch" struggling to stay safe. Nuri is one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. The size and the strength helped pun the jet stream far north, across Alaska and in the northwest. What comes up, must come down. The result? A big deep in the jet stream in the eastern U.S., which opens the Gates for the arctic air to plunge this week. And the temperatures from the midwest to the gulf coast this week, the winter weather, here sooner than any of us would like.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"A blast of winter is expected to bring a foot of snow in the Midwest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"26796142","title":"Jet Stream Dip Brings Arctic Air","url":"/WNT/video/jet-stream-dip-brings-arctic-air-26796142"}