Sudden Rise in Jobs Gives Major Boost to Economy

Unemployment rate drops to 7.7 percent, lowest in four years.
3:00 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for Sudden Rise in Jobs Gives Major Boost to Economy
The surge of hiring -- last month that has experts using words like turning point. 236000. Jobs added in February unemployment dropping to seven point 7% of that's the lowest in four years. Wall Street soaring to another new high skimming the 141400. Mark. And ABC's David Muir is here right now to tell us what this could be for recovery across the country David. Diana and you know I saw those numbers today made us think of all those faces -- met all those American companies we traveled to are they seeing this recovery are they higher. Tonight -- -- us as we go looking for proof. It is a welcome and unexpected headline tonight unemployment now what its lowest point in four years. -- adding 141000 workers retailers 23000 workers but construction leading the way tonight builders adding 48000. Jobs. Doug Smith from Virginia. Who told world news just weeks ago the did best January and tonight telling us they're hiring. After an even better February another fifty homes sold said the new workers hired in just the last month alone so the big builders benefiting. But we wondered what about the little -- Making those American made nails to build those homes that company -- to. One of the last makers of -- in this country tonight -- to deliver a new message. Still many -- sold now new jobs. -- -- what does one -- company say about the Marjorie economy. Not just -- guessing the things are going to be better tomorrow they actually seeing the orders of people and -- -- -- Nobody buys nails because they -- stockpiled them because they just feel like having -- out they need. And it's not just construction it's healthcare technology to at 67 baby -- change you know has been working part time to hold recession. She interviewed four full time job in e-commerce just this week the room applicants packed. In here late twenties and early thirties. Looking very professional and I realize they would compete with me. And I thought they will all be mostly was so Smart is being so young -- was -- and I was. But I didn't what -- out. The next day she got the call finally right. Yes finally. She goes back to work on Monday she was not threatened by the younger people in that room and those -- from -- nails in Illinois tonight if they weren't enough that nobody stopped files and analysts to spot filed and Home Depot saint and add 80000 temporary workers Diane as home and -- season. New Year's spring is coming so they believe the recovery is on the way and every -- it was a victory right.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Unemployment rate drops to 7.7 percent, lowest in four years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"18688553","title":"Sudden Rise in Jobs Gives Major Boost to Economy","url":"/WNT/video/job-growth-surge-hiring-brings-boost-economy-18688553"}