Joe Biden makes pitch for national unity

The former vice president kicked off his 2020 campaign in Philadelphia vowing not to speak ill of other Democrats and to "defeat Donald Trump."
2:33 | 05/18/19

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Transcript for Joe Biden makes pitch for national unity
Next to the race for the white house, and it's heating up tonight. Former vice president Joe Biden on familiar turf in his native state of Pennsylvania, calling for national unity at a campaign rally and a kickoff rally saying he won't be the angry Democrat in this race. ABC's Stephanie Ramos reporting from Philadelphia tonight. Reporter: Former vice president Joe Biden officially kicking off his 2020 presidential campaign in Philadelphia. In his classic aviators, taking the stage before an estimated 6,000 people. The single most important thing we have to accomplish is defeat Donald Trump. Reporter: Biden calling the president the divider in chief. While making his pitch to unite the country. I know some of the really smart folks say Democrats don't want to hear about unity. They say Democrats are so angry, that the angrier a candidate can be, the better chance he or she has to win the democratic nomination. Well, I don't believe it. Reporter: Biden says he'll provide a path for all Americans. I'm running for our country, Democrats, Republicans, independents, a different path. Not back to a path that never was, but to a future that fulfills our true potential as a country. Reporter: His primary opponents, have criticized Biden for being too moderate. I think if you look at Joe's record and you look at my record, I don't think there is much question about who is more Progressive. Reporter: Voters weighing their options. In a primary, I'm just not sure yet. I like a lot of the things the different Democrats have said. I'm independent. I believe Joe Biden is the only one who has a chance to get to elect electoral college votes. Reporter: Just after that rally, I asked trump's key issues, illegal immigration. Do you think there is a crisis at the border? No, I think the crisis at the border is the way we're treating people who are seeking asylum. There should be a process for them. Stephanie Ramos joins us. Biden also making Pennsylvania the home of his headquarters. He knows how important that battleground state is. A state president trump won in 2016. Reporter: That's exactly right, Tom. Pennsylvania is a key state. President Obama took this state twice. President trump as you said, did win in 2016, but by less than 1%, and he plans to hold a rally of his own right hear on Monday. As for Biden, his team tells me he plans to travel to Florida on Monday, Tennessee, Texas in the coming weeks.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"The former vice president kicked off his 2020 campaign in Philadelphia vowing not to speak ill of other Democrats and to \"defeat Donald Trump.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"63127520","title":"Joe Biden makes pitch for national unity","url":"/WNT/video/joe-biden-makes-pitch-national-unity-63127520"}