Lateef Brock, 8, Plays With the Washington Redskins

Make a Wish Foundation grants boy with kidney disease a chance to play professional football.
1:47 | 08/21/13

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Transcript for Lateef Brock, 8, Plays With the Washington Redskins
Finally tonight an eight year old boy gets to meet his favorite football player talk about a touchdown. From our friends sister network ESPN and make a wish ABC's Chris -- shows us -- champions who are America's strong. -- ahead. Eight year old literacy rock loves the game of football. People who -- even today -- would never know that he's been through so much. At birth Latif was diagnosed with end stage real disease he was not expected to live beyond his first birthday. Couldn't -- -- There is strong little boy. He's been fighting all his life to live. Only last year Latif finally received the kidney transplant. What was I want to go through time. -- -- -- -- Latif told make a wish he'd like to meet his favorite player Robert Griffin the third of the Washington Redskins. I'm -- big day. And gives him a warm welcome with a contract and this week's signing bonus. Take -- off to the locker -- While someone is speaking -- just to meet with T pizzas hero today RG three times a month so. I don't they go from the lockers for the -- status to the practice facility. The child who spent his first seven years fighting for his life finds himself throwing passes with his -- -- got along and money to play quarterback very deep. Then -- -- -- under the field by the coach Porter on this week promising to get taken Indians okay. But he has the plate to -- lieutenant. And it's a pitch to Latifah brought. These sprints for the Redskins defense. Didn't score -- -- looked. The boy who survived so much they'll help you and more active ready to run below if you looked brighter future -- -- -- outside. One that is America strong. And our thanks to Chris Connelly.

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{"id":20030791,"title":"Lateef Brock, 8, Plays With the Washington Redskins","duration":"1:47","description":"Make a Wish Foundation grants boy with kidney disease a chance to play professional football.","url":"/WNT/video/lateef-brock-plays-washington-redskins-20030791","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}