New Laws for 2013

In Wellington, Kan., there is a four-cat limit per household.
1:17 | 01/01/13

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Transcript for New Laws for 2013
We're going to turn now to our "instant index" here on this new year's night. Our number appropriately enough, 2013. Thousands of new laws that got our attention today. In colorado, where marijuana is now legal, two members only pot clubs are now open for business. In wellington, kansas, no more than four cats per household. In illinois, motorcyclists can run red lights, but they'll be fined if they pop a wheelie. And in concord, massachusetts, tonight, single serving passing water bottles have been banned for conservation. To our person here tonight, and from "dancing with the stars," to dancing with his new bride. Len goodman, stars on abc's hit show married his longtime girlfriend in london. It was a surprise ceremony. The only person that knew about

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{"id":18110020,"title":"New Laws for 2013","duration":"1:17","description":"In Wellington, Kan., there is a four-cat limit per household.","url":"/WNT/video/laws-2013-18110020","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}