Losing Everything: 19,000 People Displaced by Wildfires

Nearly 600 homes burned; residents still not allowed back to their homes.
1:52 | 09/16/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Losing Everything: 19,000 People Displaced by Wildfires
start flipping, it flipped over to the enbankment. Reporter: Two students are killed, two others, bus the bus driver, still in the hospital nightot. The four teenagers wereeaded Linl see YNN sinsey Davis, thank you. The statele of emergency in California tonights. We showed you the charred frames, homes wiped up in the valley fire. That home right there was still smoldering while we were there. Tonight, new images of those tireless firefighters, that fire still burning. And ABC's Matt Gutman going back with the mother and daughter you met right here last night. And here's what they found. Reporter: Tonight, the fight continues. These aerials showing the fire scarred landscape, dozens of square miles blackeneds. Firefighters still putting out hot spots. You just get these piles of rubble and they kind of keep the heat in and it just slowly burns. Reporter: 23,000 people displaced by the firestorm, including the Conklin family. Good to see you. Reporter: David first met them and their dog, neo, yesterday at this red cross center. Patrice, her daughters, including, of course, 8-year-old Sydney. We are going to your house. The conklins piled in with us. Their first time back since the fire. We pull up to their house. I can't -- I don't recognize it. Reporter: There, Sydney's bike. Her melted playhouse and ashes. Hey, momma -- My great-grandmother's suing machine stood right there. Reporter: As we spoke, the fire kicked up nearby. Helicopters thundering overhead. Patrice had lost everything and yet she still had everything. This is nothing. That's my gold. That's my gold. Reporter: Solid gold is right. David, just over the past couple of minutes, that brick wall came crashing down, and it's because of hazards like that, that fire officials aren't yet willing to let evacuees return to their homes. David? Matt, thank you. And of course we are pulling for Patrice and her daughters.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"Nearly 600 homes burned; residents still not allowed back to their homes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33785103","title":"Losing Everything: 19,000 People Displaced by Wildfires","url":"/WNT/video/losing-19000-people-displaced-wildfires-33785103"}