Love and support pour in for John McCain and family

The Arizona senator decided to discontinue treatment for stage-four brain cancer.
2:29 | 08/25/18

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Transcript for Love and support pour in for John McCain and family
Rob, thanks. We turn to the difficult senator John McCain. Following that grave announcemehey have used medical treatment for his stage 4 brain cancer.thsenator's wife Cindy tweeting here for the's senior natl espondent Terry Moran with the latestdona tonight. Reporter: Todn sedona, few of John McCain's neighbors opped by H ranch, Laura Jones bringing flowers, of praise he would apprec. I think he's a person who has presented his try as best as he could and hissing will sad. To say John, just go well, you know, god bless Ya. Reporter: All tressions of ser to our entry have touched his family. Cindy McCain tweeting today, "The entire McCain family is whelmed by the outpouring of love and sup from arou the wod. Thank you." A yearlong battle with brain cancer, McCain Hassen to discontinue med treatment his family yesterday in statement. In politics are paying tribute -- rho ran aga McCain for prent wrote today, "No person this cen better exemplifies the great qus of patrim than John McCain. Ones like dolong very often. Ann and will miss him a great deal. He is a hero. A ." Stand stand up and fight. Reporte he's been in the arena so long, 36 yein congress, twice rug for president, and, over the past year, telling people how grateful he or a life lived to the fullest. I'm the luckiest guy on Earth. I have served America's cause, see now that I was part of something important. Terry moroining us now from sedona, Arizona. Senator McCain has a lifetime of servicand some of his closest ends I the senate are thinkingf him tonight? Reporter: That's ri Tom. Spectrum. He and joeen claed a lotlly. Buey were close. Perhjohn McCain's est friend in thnay graham Carolina, and he the entire McCain clan is doing what McCains haveone through the generations, rising to meet the challenge. So true, all right, Terry, thank you. We turn overseas to Ireland.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"The Arizona senator decided to discontinue treatment for stage-four brain cancer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57402980","title":"Love and support pour in for John McCain and family","url":"/WNT/video/love-support-pour-john-mccain-family-57402980"}