Lowering Your Credit Card Interest Rate

A simple technique that will help you pay less and get more in return.
2:06 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for Lowering Your Credit Card Interest Rate
Real money team is back the average American family has more than 151000. Dollars in credit card debt so is there a simple way to pay less and get more and return. ABC's Paul affair shows us a phone call that can help keep money in your pocket. Wilson is a wife a -- on -- instead be mom and a busy mother of three just outside of Philadelphia (%expletive) and people don't chant yes. And -- nearly half of American families who carry credit card debt. Sera also has her fill of finance charges -- -- -- seventh against throwing money away do -- Didn't air mind you and she to get ahead and pay down the balance but it stuck paying nearly -- he -- percent interest on two credit cards. Well over the national average of 50%. At the rotting credit card -- expert Brian Kelly founder of the points -- dot com. And did you may be able to negotiate a lower interest -- with your credit card company. We call the credit card company what are the questions we ask -- the phone -- people from might count how much like Peyton interest this year you definitely wanna get them onboard with you next -- -- gather up all calls critic card offers you got in the mail to see what other deals are out there and use them as leverage say -- -- -- our business what do you unity from it if they give you a hard time use this key word. So you wanna talk to someone retention because that's assigned to them you believe -- you mean business Cyril picks up the -- -- lower out of the interest rates aren't my husband's credit card if there's any options that you offer. In just thirty it's their -- manages to lower their rates three percentage points and if you can't deal you want on your own card check out sites like credit cards dot com and her wallet dot com for families not carrying big balance -- you can find cash back or reward miles. Or in Sarah's case cards letting her pay down her debt interest free for eighteen months. The best cards will have no fees attached in all the Wilson to save more than 1000 dollars over the next year. Yeah -- Paula -- -- ABC news Strasburg Pennsylvania.

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{"id":23615741,"title":"Lowering Your Credit Card Interest Rate","duration":"2:06","description":"A simple technique that will help you pay less and get more in return. ","url":"/WNT/video/lowering-credit-card-interest-rate-23615741","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}