'Made in America' Christmas: Creating New Jobs During the Holidays

David Muir looks at how holiday spending can translate into American jobs.
3:36 | 11/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Made in America' Christmas: Creating New Jobs During the Holidays
And now, we're inviting you to join together with us for the t made in america christmas, helping create american jobs. Americans have already spent an average of $423, just last weekend, for the holidays. And that's half of what we'll spend by christmas. So, what if we all buy som made in america? The captain of the made in america today, david muir, with us now on how each of us can really make a difference. 2k5i6d? Reporter: That was really something. How much americans have spent on christmas already so far this season. And so, tonight, how little of that money it would take to create an american job. It turns out, if we all found just one gift american made, we could wrap a new job for christmas, too. Boarding one of those double decker tour buses, it's christmas in new york. Christmas lights are up. The great made in america christmas is back. Right here in times square, if you just look off the double decker, you can see all the people. Carrying all those bags. In fact, americans will spend more than $700 on christmas when it's all said and done. And at the famous plaza hotel in new york. Abc world news. The doormen, who see more shopping bags pass by than people carrying them. How much inside those bags is american made? Most of it is made in china. Reporter: China. Abc world news, good to meet you. How much do you think is made in america? Even lady liberty struggling to answer. IN THE 1960s, NINE OUT OF Ten holiday gifts we bought were in america. Today more than half of what we buy for the holidays is foreign made. We're here in fifth avenue and the famed f.A.O. Schwartz over my shoulder. Even the toy soldier ready with a salute. I'm david muir from abc. Yeah, I know you. Reporter: Kim hoffman knew us. And knew what we were up to. Do you mind if we look and see where it's made? Oh, I hope it's american. Reporter: That reaction says it all. The teddy bear made in china. In fact, the newest numbers reveal just how much we spent on just toys alone from china last year at christmas. 2.5 million. And one economist reminds us, that's just toys. That means we must be spending $10 billion or more during the christmas season on chine chinese-made goods. And that's probably a low number. Reporter: But here on new york's famed fifth avenue, we didn't give up. You came all the way from mexico for made in america. But nothing in their bags. And this shopper? China. Reporter: And this young woman, dina cooper from virginia. Do you think you have anything in any of these bags? No. Reporter: We told her what economists told us. If we all just bought one thing for 64 bucks, we could create 200,000 jobs. Okay. Reporter: You're in? Guarantee it? Guarantee. Reporter: Find one thing? Yes, I will. Reporter: Tonight, "world news" viewers already on the hunt. We're in. I'm in. We're in. We're in! Are you? Reporter: This is a seventh grade class in north carolina. This minneapolis factory. Everyone looking to wrap new american jobs under that tree this year. All sold out? All sold out. Reporter: The factories we visited all year long, with viewers are already buying in. Thank you, "world news"! Reporter: So, the made in america challenge is on tonight. We want to know your one thing you can find, diane and me both on facebook an twitter. Our giant list at abcnews.Com. Diane, this tie I bought, brooks brothers, made in america. This is just the beginning. And the big question is, where are the viewers going to send us this time next week? Great ideas coming in. I want the hot sauce. Reporter: Put it on the list. And weapon po posted 400 people, reacted just in the last hour. Keep it coming. Reporter: After and running. 64 and all those jobs.

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{"id":17833234,"title":"'Made in America' Christmas: Creating New Jobs During the Holidays","duration":"3:36","description":"David Muir looks at how holiday spending can translate into American jobs.","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-christmas-creating-jobs-holidays-17833234","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}