Made in America: Holiday edition

David Muir highlights what made in America items people have bought this holiday.
2:46 | 12/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Made in America: Holiday edition
Finally tonight, our "Made in America" Christmas. There's still time to find your one thing. The year's "Made in America" Christmas, our ninth year doing it, began in the hills across the holiday tree farms, in corvallis, Oregon. Where the schudell family, in business since 1955, still cutting down the trees. They're choppered to the truck. At stores and Christmas tree stands hundreds of miles away. We took you down fifth avenue, the famous windows, and we asked that same question. What's your one thing made in America this year? There's still time. There was Yvonne from Georgia. Did you buy your one thing made in America? Yes. Reporter: There's still time for Yvonne, too. And the friends from Cincinnati. Did you buy any made in America gifts? That's a tough question. Reporter: We told them, call us if you find something. And after "Made in America" last night, more ideas pouring in. Hey, David. This is the one made in America gift I bought for my grandson, Owen. It's called the crawligator. Reporter: What's the crawligator? Made in Volo, Illinois, it helps babies crawl, developing their kicking, reaching, and pushing. The team there, working together to fill orders. And putting on the finishing touches. 1,000 per day. David, we're the crawligator team from Volo, iliniois. Merry Christmas. Made in America. Whoo! Reporter: And there were the workers making those Orvis flying fishing rods in Manchester, Vermont. Hi, David. Reporter: Tonight, telling us phones have been ringing off the hook. Asking if I want to go fishing with them. Do I ever. And plum print tonight in north Carolina. Hi, David. Reporter: Saying they got dozens of calls after our report last night. You ship them your child's artwork over the years, and they turn it into a book. FedEx came twice today to ship out those boxes. So many orders there wasn't enough room on the trucks. Tonight, orders are up more 200%. Which brings us back to the women from Cincinnati. Holding their bourbon made in America. Maker's mark. We love it. People still thinking about their one thing, just like that couple from Pennsylvania. You love made in America? We do. We love it. We love made in America, too, and we love it when the companies tell us their phones ring off the hook after these have a great weekend.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"David Muir highlights what made in America items people have bought this holiday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"67861767","title":"Made in America: Holiday edition","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-holiday-edition-67861767"}