Major flooding in the Northeast, deep freeze to follow

The week's brief thaw and heavy rains are causing ice jams and flooding.
2:09 | 01/14/18

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Transcript for Major flooding in the Northeast, deep freeze to follow
close. Cecilia. The clock is ticking. Thank you, David. This week's brief thaw combined with heavy rain led to this. Ice jams and flooding, swollen rivers forcing some residents to evacuate. That brief winter warm-up that we saw, it is long gone tonight. Temperatures are in a freefall and here's ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano. Reporter: Streets turning into ice rivers in Pennsylvania. Chunks of ice spilling into neighborhoods. The subzero temperatures striking as the last winter storm continues to torment the northeast. This is a road flooded by ice and water. Reporter: A deep freeze followed by a quick thaw and heavy rain causing ice jams like this one in western Pennsylvania. Similar scenes across the northeast. Our own doctor Jen Ashton in Kent, Connecticut, attending a hockey game, rising water forcing everyone out of the arena. This is normally an athletic field. It's already completely submerged. Reporter: The river climbing halfway up the floors of the school. Nearby in simsbury, more broken up ice rushing with the flow of the swollen farmington river. Ice jams in athol, Massachusetts, flooding homes and prompting evacuations there. And watch this time lapse of a frozen river breaking up in upstate New York. Chunks of ice choking the flow, forcing the river up, then releasing the river and the ice dangerously downstream. And it is cold out there. Let's get right to rob on the west side highway. Rob, how cold? How long are we talking? Well, last 24 hours it is a body shocking drop in temperatures. In some cases 50 degrees colder now than it was this time yesterday. Any water on the ground is flash freezing, some of those ice floes slowing down but may be jams going on tomorrow. Temperatures brute a morning temp, below freezing all the way down to the gulf of Mexico. 31 degrees in the big easy and couple in windchills, it will be tough in the morning. Single digits. 18 degrees below zero it will feel like in Burlington. Another cold shot comes in. Snow for the morning rush in Chicago on Monday and Indianapolis and Detroit, a light coating but, again, more cold after a very, very brief thaw. Cecilia. Get inside, my friend, rob. Thank you.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"The week's brief thaw and heavy rains are causing ice jams and flooding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"52333225","title":"Major flooding in the Northeast, deep freeze to follow","url":"/WNT/video/major-flooding-northeast-deep-freeze-follow-52333225"}