Man Shot at Home by Police

Officers responding to a 911 call shot a man who police say did not drop his weapon.
1:50 | 05/09/15

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Transcript for Man Shot at Home by Police
And now to a home invasion in South Carolina a terrible mix up. Police responding to a 911 call arriving at the scene and making a tragic mistake. Shooting someone they thought was an intruder but ended up being the man who'd made the call and that man tonight who was shot. Saying he made a mistake to hear Steve listen some. The call for help came from inside this whole 26 year old Brian Hayward was begging police to rush me area police. He told the operator the two men with guns were breaking into his home saying both were African American. It's an emergency alert the police can't. Of people want to bring into your home yet and they have grunts. According to the police reports sheriff's deputies Richard Powell and Keith Tyner saw a gun shot hole in the front window and had no idea of the burglars were already gone. That's when a back door swung open and Hayward holding his gun came out police say they didn't know he lives there asked him to put the gun down. And when he didn't they fired. Brought. This. The remarkable young man. Players are. Live humans friend. Today police played audio from the ambulance ride to the hospital and it backs up the police report. They're. I should have put them right now we're. It's barely still says police are wrong to not take the time to pause and make sure that you are not shooting the person that called you is of concern to the fame. Hayworth friendly says they're not sure if their son will walk again both officers are suspended tonight. The police are saying it's not race that made the difference the guns it. David Steve Olson summits and.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"Officers responding to a 911 call shot a man who police say did not drop his weapon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"30917968","title":"Man Shot at Home by Police","url":"/WNT/video/man-shot-home-police-30917968"}